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Sycotik Pyro said:
I dont really have an army, or anything yet. Some mates of mine got me really interested, and ive been doing heaps of research on armies. But i suck at making decisions. Anyway ive chosen a slightly different path, for the moment, as cheap as i can.
Inquisitors and their retinues aren't the cheapest option, as they're buggers to configure their retinue correctly due to henchmen being very unflexible in how you buy them (eg. box sets, blisters) but the idea about using you're friends armies is a good one, until you can get you're own.
Sycotik Pyro said:
I want to make somewhat of a rouge inquisitor, just an inquisitor and his retinue, on a sort of pilgrimage. This way i can just induct my friends armies. Ones got an IMP army, and another has got, SMurf and Gay Knight armies. haha ok bad pun :shifty: .
Good, those happen to be three armies you can use with an inquisitor, lucky.
Sycotik Pyro said:
So i was wondering if you guys could help me put together a rouge with retinue, not really from one of the main ordos, just sort of a bad ass who has his own agenda, not like a radical though. unless you guys recommend radicals?
Firstly, rogue is spelt r-o-g-u-e, the way you spelt it means 'red' in French, I don't really care, in fact I spell it wrong all the time, but I thought I'd just let you know.

As for the radicalness, that may be a good way to go, if you're not going to include grey knights. It does mean you can have daemonhosts, which rock hard. You can still use Imperial guard and Space Marines, they just have to pretend (or actually be) kind of evil. Not literally, don't go buying Chaos Space Marines, it's just the normal space marines have to be a bit radical, fluff-wise if nothing else.

If you go pure, you can still have IG andf SM, but if you have Space Marines, you can't use Grey knights.

Basically, it boils down to this-

Inquisitor who uses grey knights can:
-Use Imperial guard
-Use Grey knights (obviously)

-Not use Daemonhosts
-Not use Space Marines

Inquisitor who doesn't use grey knights can:
-Use Imperial Guard
-Use Space marines
-Be radical
-In doing so, use daemonhost

-Not use grey knights (obviously)
Sycotik Pyro said:
I was thinking maybe a group of 5-7, Inquisitor, 2 Warriors, and some other henchmen. what do you guys think and recommend.
You will need a HQ (in your case, an Inquisitor Lord) and two troops choices. These can either be Inquisitorial stormtroopers(can ride in tanks, can have special weapons,cheap, not so good in Close combat) or Grey Knights (awesome in close combat, have stormbolters, good armour, not so cheap). If you take grey knights, see above.

Once you have HQ and 2 troops, you can induct according to the chart in the Daemonhunters codex (If you don't have that, get it or borrow your grey knight friend's).

You can also ally witch hunters, and/or alien hunters when they come out.

And remember, you can induct/ally space marines or Imperial Guard, not both. Witch hunters you can take regardless.

Hope this helped,
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