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Hey guys.

Second post here. Still getting used to it. So im not really sure if this is the place to post such a question. Correct me if im wrong.

I dont really have an army, or anything yet. Some mates of mine got me really interested, and ive been doing heaps of research on armies. But i suck at making decisions. Anyway ive chosen a slightly different path, for the moment, as cheap as i can.
I want to make somewhat of a rouge inquisitor, just an inquisitor and his retinue, on a sort of pilgrimage. This way i can just induct my friends armies. Ones got an IMP army, and another has got, SMurf and Gay Knight armies. haha ok bad pun :shifty: .

So i was wondering if you guys could help me put together a rouge with retinue, not really from one of the main ordos, just sort of a bad ass who has his own agenda, not like a radical though. unless you guys recommend radicals?

I was thinking maybe a group of 5-7, Inquisitor, 2 Warriors, and some other henchmen. what do you guys think and recommend.

peace out, any help welcomed
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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