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need help for a newb

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ok i need some help with painting i am starting a ironhands army

but i would like to know a step be step process ..i read the pinned one and all i did was confuse me so could you make it evey simple please and if i could get a some ideas on how to paint decals that would be great

thanks guys
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That should help you get started. From there I would look at getting the "How to paint cidital minitures" book from GW. It is packed full of information on different tech. and methods to help both the expert and the newb alike. A must buy...i highly recommend it. Since purchasing that skills have increased greatly. That and abit of pratice is a sure fire way to success.

Hope that helps, if u have anymore questions, lemmie know, and ill do my best

Good luck...and welcome to the hobby :)

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