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I'm trying to get back into Warhammer after stopping in 5th edition however, I really need help making an Ork army that is competitive in 7th edition.

All I have currently is:

- 'eavy Armour
- Twin-linked Shoota
- Power Klaw
- Bosspole
- Cybork Body

Big Mek
- 'eavy Armour
- Shokk Attack Gun
- Killsaw
- Gitfinda


50 Ork Boys
- Big Shoota(3)
- Rokkit Launcha

5 Burna Boys

10 Nobs (I normally use some of these models for leading the boys)
-Power claws Waaagh! banner, The normal stuff.

3 Warbikers

5 Storm Boys

5 Deffkoptas

Dakka Jet
- 3 Supa Shootas

Mek Gun

Looted Wagon
- The Normal, Boom gun etc (I think it's called a killkannon now though)

Any help would be massively appreciated,
Thanks in advance.

P.S - This is first time posting so sorry if I did something wrong.

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It's difficult to make a competitive ork army in the current environment. So it really depends what you are going for. Do you want to hold your own against your friends or are you looking at tournament play? I'm going to assume the first!

Warboss - drop the shoota, it's not worth the points as he won't get much use for it charging towards the enemy! Throw him into the unit of 10 Nobs, give them heavy armour and a big choppa and you've got one hefty combat unit. I can't remember the transport capacity of the wagon, but if it's 12 throw them in it!

The boys, I'd split into 2 units of 15 and one of 20. Big shoota in each of them and the rokkit in the unit of 20. Drop the attack gun and gitfinda off the mek and toss him into the 20 strong squad for some extra punch. Make sure each squad of boys has a nob with powerklaw in it!

Deffkoptas with rockets and buzzsaws are amazing. one of my staple units.

In terms of getting stuff to make the army more competitive you are going to want to invest in the following:

More bikers to bulk out your three (you want at least 5 in a unit)
Meganobz (at least 1 unit of 5 and a warboss)
Trukks (at least one for the meganobz above, but it can never hurt to have more)
Painboy/Mad dok - great for keeping your units alive! They give feel no pain to the squad they are in!
Lootas - d3 s7 shots per model really make up for poor ork accuracy

If it helps my recent 2k list looked like this (we agreed no superheavies ahead of time)

warboss + mega armour
+ 5 meganobs - 2 w/flamer
+ trukk - boarding ramp

Warboss + mega armour
+ 5 meganobz - 2 w/flamer
+ Trukk - boarding ramp

Mad dok
+ 10 Nobs - Heavy armour + big choppa
+ battlewagon (Lobba, 2 rokkits, 2 big shootas, boarding ramp)

20 ork boys - Nob w/klaw

20 ork boyz - Nob w/Klaw

15 ork boys - nob w/klaw

4 deffkoptas - rokkits + buzzsaws

it was very much a close combat get across the board fast list. And that's exactly what it did.

I don't know where you are in the world but I'm planning on selling off some ork bits soon (10 meganobz, some kromlech meganobz and possible a stompa) if you might be interested in those gimme a shout.

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Not a problem.

Trukks are good and you don't have to go straight to GW for them. There are lots of YouTube videos and tutorials about how to convert models to make them!
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