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Currently, I have a very oddball force. My brother bought the Battle of Maccrage set, and I found a 50% liquidation sale of (I think) old models that were cheaper than current ones with base price. I bought their entire 'Nids set (except for one Hive Tyrant), which wasn't much, but leaves me with a very oddball army. Here are the models I have:

- 2 Hive Tyrants
- 6 Tyranid Warriors
- 18 Genestealers
- 10 Hormagaunts
- 7 Spore Mines

I am fully willing to buy whatever I would need to make this a decent force, but I wasn't sure where to go with it. I thought maybe going with a Godzilla list, with a bunch of 'Fexes and 'Stealers. Or maybe just add in Zoanthropes, Biovores, Lictors, Raveners, and just have a very oddball, loner-type list. It would seem pretty unique (at least, in my opinion). I want my list around 1000 to 1500 points, so a pretty medium-size swarm.

So, what do you suggest I buy?
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