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Hey there first post on here so here goes, I have never really been competitive in warhammer just for fun really but i wanted to try and get into it a bit more and play with some friends, I currently have 3 vargheists, 40 zombies a necromancer and a wight king and I just wanted help to see what would be a good purchase for now as Im on a budget.
I have seen some models I like but Im not sure if it would work, the models i would like to have, would be a terrogheist, krell, heinrich kemmler,and would be happy to choose between the other core units like the crypt horros and skeletons and even grave guard, im just not sure how to fit it in and what other core unit would suit me.

Well thanks to anyone who does see this and would be great if i could get your opinions, thanks

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I'm afraid I don't really know VCs, so I was hoping that someone else would chip in. Sadly it seems this forum is pretty dead...

Depending on who you're playing, I'd suggest first that you get used to using what you already have, playing small games, and then that you try 'proxying' to test out other options before you buy them. (Proxying = using something else as a substitute, so have some skeletons or even some empty bases that 'count as' grave guard, for example.) Obviously this depends on your opponent and won't go down well at a store, but most people would be ok with it in a friendly game, provided it was only for a new player wanting to test options before buying.

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Oh heck. I haven't broken out my Vamps in a long time, but I'm a long-time VC player all the same. I was hoping one of the more current vets would drop in here, but there's a reason that I'm a mod: I play just about everything.

As far as starting a VC army on a budget, you need to look at Mantic. If you're playing 8th you're not playing in a GW store either way, so it doesn't matter who's models you use. Mantic Skelles are 25 for $25, whereas GW skelles are twice that. There are other things you can pick up from Mantic as well, but filling out your Core is expensive in any Undead army.

You're going to want to grab a Vampire, either on foot or on a Nightmare. This guy can join either your Infantry block (Grave Guard) or your Knights (Black/Blood). You either take this guy at L4, or you take a Strigoi and a L4 Necro. The Strigoi hits like a freight-train if he's on foot. I wouldn't put him on the back of a Gheist, because you can just get them "naked" in your Rare slots. The Vampire is a good take, but it's sort of "all eggs in one basket" and so on. So there's that to consider. Just remember: you need a L4 with Lore Vampires. You can get away with just a Necro, but then you need to take lots of regular Necros and Vamps in order to make sure that you don't crumble out.
The L4 Vamp is the most popular option, because he's a solidly armored caster with good defense and a well-built Vampire is one of the deadliest close-combat characters in the entire game. Even on par with Chaos Lords.

The Wight should probably be your BSB. So you're good on that. Run him alongside your Vampire/General. So if he's on foot, get a footy Vamp. If he's mounted, get a riding Vamp. Or else buy a different Wight King. Your choice really.

You're doing good with the mob of Zombies. Get more. Fresh Dead keep them in the fight, and Shadow/Vampires both help to make them better than their paltry statline may seem at first. HUGE units though, because these guys will not win combat. Their job is to keep the enemy off your back while your Vampires and hard-hitters go after the targets you want to beat up. Zombies are sacrificial "Tar Pit" units. They're cheap if you lose them, but they can hold up an enemy unit for the entire game if you need them to.

Ghouls - if you want an infantry block for your Vampires and BSB to stand in, but for some reason don't want to use Grave Guard, then Ghouls are your answer in Core. Normally, you'll only do this if you have need for a bunch of extra points, so typically, odd-ball lists. The standard VC army doesn't need Ghouls. They hit hard, and they die hard, but they're still not durable enough to take down dedicated enemy regiments. You'll still want a big unit of them, and you'll still want Zombies in the list. Ghouls are good character escorts though, because they're among the toughest Core unit we've got - so they don't offset your Resolution as much if you're using Vampires or Wights to generate all your "kill power"

Skeletons - somewhere between Ghouls and Zombies. Not a bad take, just a "meh" option.

Dire Wolves - get some of them, but understand their role is to "redirect" enemy regiments. You put your Wolves out so that when an enemy charges them, they either overrun away from the fight, stall, or maybe you get lucky and they expose their flank to your hard-hitting units. There are tons of ways to learn to use "chaff", but that's what Dire Wolves are. You only need maybe 10 of them, in two units of 5 each.

Corpse Cart - If you're going to put your Vampire on foot, grab a Corpse Card or two. You'll be running an Infantry-centric army, and the ASF and Lodestones on Carts are awesome.

Grave Guard or Black Knights - pick one. If you go with Grave Guard, you're running a "footy" army. If you run Black Knights, you're going with mounted characters. Either way, a lot of your hard-hitting characters will be right here, as a "Death star". These two units are both some of the hardest stuff in the list to kill, and they both hit hard and are quite scary on their own. The objective is to have a unit that your opponent just can't kill, but that hits like a ton of bricks and can wipe out just about anything it touches.

Vargheists and Horrors - the guys are really fast, and "glass cannon-y". You might want to focus on a Cavalry army if you plan on still using these. Crypt Horrors are similar, but slower and a little tougher. The problem is that between the two, if you want any sort of real "benefit" you're kind of stuck with the Gheists, as the Horrors don't hit hard enough (and aren't survivable enough) to really be worth their points, IMO.

Bats (any) - Dire Wolves do the same job in Core, unless you're using FelBats to take out warmachines or screen your other fliers. Swarms aren't bad as a support unit, and sometimes I use them to replace Dire Wolves, since they can do the same job but also confer ASL if they're still alive when I get into combat.

Varghulf - these are our "chariots", in the way that other armies use Chariots. You can hit small-to-medium units with them, or add them to an ongoing fight for a LOT of kick. They're a single model, which means they can be dropped out by cannons and they're a bit more susceptible to some spells. But they're good for what they do. They're one of the best "hammers" we have in the book.

Blood Knights - the best hammer in the book, and super expensive. If you can convert them from other kits, do so. They hit extremely hard, but should only ever be used in small units. If you need ranks or are escorting a character, use Black Knights. Blood Knights are meant to solely rip down a small-medium unit or a monster in short order.

Black Coach - our actua chariot, and it's nasty. 3+4++ is great, no Crumble on it, and the abilities it gets as it "levels up" make it super powerful if you bide your time. A good unit. Not quite as hard hitting, but a lot more survivable and still quite excellent and wrecking enemy units

Terrorgheist - lots of people running 2 of these, these days. There's a trick where you use a L4 Necro and 2 levels of something else, all with Death and therefore get the whole lore, guaranteeing Doom and Darkness. That spell, plus a Scream coming from these guys = massive damage.

Mortis Engine - not bad, but the worst use of Rare Points in the army. Sorry.

For the most point, your points are going into your Lords, and Rare slots. Rare is the best "hit stuff" you've got in the list, and your Lords are right up there too (in addition to needing to be kitted to survive). Tag in your minimum Core worth of Woves and Zombies, and then add in your Special selections if you have points and you should be good.
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