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hi guys

I would like some help for my army as I think I have gone to much on the psychic phase and don't get really way where with it so I would like you input for this as I normal play 1500 points here the models i have at the moment

great unclean one
lord of change
keeper of secrets
2 tzeenctch princes
2 slannash prince
1 tzenntch hearld on a disc

10 blood letters
40 horrors
16 plague bearers

7 crunches on with icon, and one with instrument and one can be a herald
3 flamers
18 fiends

fast attack
3 screamers

skull cannon of khorne
4 burning chariots 3 are conversions so i could use the 6 screamers as the fast attack option if need be

so i would like you input on what works and things that don't thanks

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HQ: GUO with Biomancy and 2 greater rewards is a solid HQ and will protect the warlord secondary objective being so tough to kill. Use him aggressivley otherwise people just keep away from him. Plow forewards near or in cover and go for an objective and kill anything in the way.
LOC with divination , 2 greater and the lesser defaunlt staff weapon is fun but the new 7th ed means you cannot land and charge in the same turn. either runn him in jumpung mode but he can be killed or fly and give support but he is expensive way to do this and a hearald on disk is a lot cheaper. KOS use for summoning as you can also do with the GUO. Summoning winged greater daemons is not great as they arrive flying and so must spend another turn before charging.
Disk heralds are great for 120 points and the option of an aetherblade or the grimoire/portaglyph.

Troops: Take 3-4 units of 11 horrors and roll on malific to get 3 powers total er squad (malific roll + summoning + Flickering fire). PBs are good so you could take a large unit or just summon 10. Blood letters are vulnerable and pricy so summon them if you need them and have spare warp charge dice.

Elites: I like crushers and Karanak can give them scout and rage but they are expensive. You could summon them as you get 150+ points as opposed to 100 points for lesser daemons or 45 for nurglings etc. Flamers are fun and useful for summoning or just buy them at the start and deepstrike or jump around.

Fast: Take 9 screamers. If you use Heralds of Khorne on juggernaughts then add them to large scouting units of fleshhounds.

Heavy: Chariots are still poor in 7th edition. Better than before being relentless etc but still naff.
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