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Thats an excellent plan and many people have already suggested it... BUT MOVING THE CHIMERAS 12 ALSO STOPS ME FROM FIRING BACK!?!
So don't go 12", unless you have to. You have superior mobility (your tanks are tougher and better), so use it against him.

You see Orks coming your way, tank shock or just zoom 12" nearby, hemming them in and forcing them to charge. After they bounce off, move 6" and BBQ them with multiple flamers (from other units too) to punish them.

Even moving 6" is adequate protection.

Trukks fold to multi-lasers and autocannons, BW pop easily to meltas, and Nob Bikers cry from S8+ and/or AP2 ordnance. They all have a painful time handling massed armor, thanks to the mobility.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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