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Need some advice

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My friend is gonna start playing he wants to go with tau because he likes mechs and likes what he's seen of the tau.He dosnt know how he should start though so i'm trying to get some tips and adivce on what kind of units he should get and stuff. And do they have like sub armies ex:chapters/craftworlds?
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The only sub-army right now is the Farsight Enclave; look up the character O'Shovah in the Tau Codex for details.

Right now, the Tau Battleforce is a truly excellent buy, one of the few good deals to get past GW marketing. (Three Crisis suits is $60, for another $30 you get a firewarrior squad, Kroot squad and a drone squad that isn't sold separately at all.) The upcoming codex revision is not expected to change anything that comes in the Battleforce so far as I know. That and a Hammerhead will be enough to start playing and help your friend figure out where to go from there.
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