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i just bought the black reach starter set and the space marine battle force and am wondering what types of customization i can do with the bits from the sprues.

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I hate when my posts get no replies... so I'll give you my read:

The tac sergeant from AOBR is in a stupid looking pose--but with a drill bit you can drill out the head and insert one of the extra heads from the battleforce set. You can also swap the pointy finger with a bolt pistol or plasma pistol hand left over from the tactical squad or assault squad sprues.

You've got extra weapons from the assault squad that you can use to customize your sergeants from the tac squad and combat squad that come with the battle force. Actually, you should have enough close combat arms to turn the combat squad into a command squad with all close combat weapons (or meltaguns, flamers or plasma guns if you prefer) to escort your captain.

Don't forget that the plain looking combat squad can be used a Sternguard squad, too--just use the veteran decals on the shoulder pads. ;)

The scout sergeant can also be given one of the power weapons from the assault squad sprues without much fuss.

You could do some other cool stuff with the bits from the Commander box if you decided to get one.

Hope that helps. Of course, if you have the boxes, you'll be able to look them over and figure most of this out yourself. But if you're anticipating buying these, then it should give you something to chew on.
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