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New Arrival

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[Performs the sign of the Aquila]

My respects go out to all those Imperial Commanders amongst you. I am serving with the Cadian 509th Infantry Regiment. My Battalion is currently fighting Orks in this sector so I thought it necessary to gather Intel from other forces in the region.

I’ve been part of this Btn now for seven years and have fought countless enemies on hundreds of worlds. I was recruited in to the Imperial Guard from my home world; Cadia. You may have heard of my unit… Battle Group Damocles.

An Inquis…[SUBJECT CENSORED]… alongside a small force of Which Hunters, who scare the hell out of me.

I bid you farewell, I’ll see you on the battlefront,

Sjt Mortison
Sniper Platoon
Cadian 509th
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Welcome fellow Guradsman, You have come to the right place for intel.

May you acess the archives well..
Welcome Gaurdsman to the boards one of our Commisars (known here as mods)shall be around shortly to point you in direction of the emperors holy commandments (known as rules) My space marines and i stand ready to fight by your side.
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