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New board new ideas

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Im looking to make a new board and im having trouble of thinking of a theme, i was going to do a cityfight one, but our group already has one. i need help. it has to match my bases as shown in linky. I want to make a statue with the same effect as my bases have on the steps running up to the piece itself. i was thinking of some kind of siege board, but then ran out of ideas.

THanks DJ
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maybe something with a temple or a road that looks like your base and the staute and some of other ruins are all that are left of an old town.
Maybe something like the Black Templars Keep in the newest Black Gobbo? You don't have to make it BT, so your Iron Warriors could be defending or attacking depending on what you go for.
Tubal, excellant link there, thank you.
ive put some more thought in to it. Ive thought of perhaps a brown board (mud) with craters in it, with ruinied/semi intact fortifications on it with some buildings like that too, a ruined road on one part two.

What do you guys think?

I have a terrain piece that I'm working on from time to time, mainly not working on that is...
If you have a junkyard (or "recycling facility") near you should try to get one too, it could be a great centerpiece of any board.
It's from a...dryer, like the washingmachine but for drying.
I went to a place like that and looked in a dumpster (container? know a big big trashcan) and there I found the plastic housing. It was no problems to get it for free, until I came home to my girlfriend that is:rolleyes: .

My plan is to make either a spaceport or a dimension-gate or one of each. I also considered making it into a abandoned research station of some sort.

Here are the two parts of the dryer. 1 is the thingie from around the opening and 2 is (I think) where the engine once was.

One can really make whatever one wants from this piece the inside is great for like a skimmer garage.

Just an idea for you DJ.
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Want my advice, make it a Daemon world, try to theme it around your Iron Warriors &
the city fight theme also check out other peoples boards as inspiration, you should also
check out WD 313 they have an article which you may find very useful on this subject.

Cheers Nick :sleep:
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