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This has been done before but I can never find it even by searching cause it always has a different name. but I was wondering for fantasy and 40k what is the release schedule (tentative i know) for new codexes? thanks for your help

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These lots of rumors floating around about a concurrent 40k 5th ed. and Dark Eldar launch. There's a new space marine codex in the works, as well as space wolves, and maybe imperial guard. Codex Daemons is next up almost for sure. A supplementry book, Codex: Planet Strike is also due out this summer.

Fantasy wise, Dark Elves are rumored to be next, VC is about to come out.

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Latest from Harry on warseer (pretty reliable source):

Release schedule


I posted this on the fantasy forum so ....

Feb - Harad
March - Vampire Counts
April - Birthday releases
May - Daemons
June - Mordor
July - 5th Edition rulebook
August -Dark Elves
September - 5th Edition Box set
October - Space Marines
November - Mortal Chaos
Lets hope the SM is SW. And where is that rumoured Planetstrike ?...
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