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This was posted on Warseer by Hastings75 so we can pretty much take it as reliable (I have never known Hastings to give duff info ever.). So far this is the second special character I have heard of the first being a two headed daemon of Tzeench with one hell of a spell pool. ;Y

Just because I haven't posted any rumours in ages here is one for you Chaos Daemon fans. One of the special characters in the new book is Nicodemus (sp?) the Tallyman of Nurgle, he comes carried forth on a palaquin by hordes of nurglings.

Also I have said elsewhere no new Plaguebearer plastics. They are keeping the current metal models, but there have been a new command sculpted in the style of the current metal Plaguebearers.

Khorne Daemonic Herald is a rather muscular looking large and angry Bloodletter type model, looks like he is prowling, very well posed model.

To be honest I think these Daemon releases are going to blow everyone away!

JvK :happy:
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