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New Dawn of War Expansion!

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It is supposedly coming out before the end of this year and it is going to feature the Tau for sure and another as yet unnamed race.

Here's the link:
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My money is on Necrons. I mean, they already added them into Winter Assault, except that they weren't a playable option.

Tau sounds good. The only two races that I really wanted to see added this game were Imperial Guard and Tau and now that both of them are in, it will be perfect. Now I can't wait to play it.
Sounds interesting, I think it really should include the necrons after their stint in winter assault.
I'd like Tyranids, they'd be completely different strategiacally and they would be absolutely awesome. However it would take a good pc to pull off hundreds of nids on a screen.
Ooooo... Necrons in WA? Guess i need to stop playing WOW so much...
Although I'd love to see the 'nids, I'm going to agree with some of you and predict that the Necrons are the "mystery" race.
If anything, I really hope they add some new game modes and maybe an experience system for units so that you can't just throw in units as meat shields as lightly. :yes:

Something like it were the KKND games, they get better accuracy and healing rate etc...

Oh, and some new units for the current races as well. Flyers maybe?
Flyers would rule but IMO they would unbalance the game to much. I would personally like to have base defences that are worth building, a missile defence system should be pretty powerful, not horribly ineffective as it is now.

I would also like more HQ customisation, (using marines as an example) I could upgrade his power armour to terminator armour by building an upgrade from the armoury, things like that (on top of the skills/abilities).
Dawn of War was meant to be a game in which you had to be aggressive and expansionist in order to prevent people from taking your strategic points. Having base defenses that were actually powerful would defeat the purpose of the game entirely and encourage turtling, something many people felt the IG did already. I personally wouldn't change a thing about base defenses. As for the expansion itself, what I'd like to see are more sub-factions with different bonuses assigned to them to represent the different organisation of armies in 40K but, given the fact that the units are so incredibly unbalanced as it is, I wouldn't be surprised if such an idea went the way of Command & Conquer Generals (which truly was unbalanced).
Tyranids won't ever make it into the game, I don't think. The game revolves around capturing Strategic points and Relics in order to further your armies needs, and Tyranids don't seem to be the kind of army that would worry itself about capturing and holding territory. What would they put on Strat points for defenses? What would they use for builder units?

Instead, it'd be more feasible to think that they'd gain resource value for every kill they make. That would fit in with their fluff, but would probably inbalance the game greatly. I can see people farming the AI, or quitting the match if they didn't make a few quick kills.

So, I don't see Tyranids ever making it into the game. Dark Eldar, sure. Necrons, sure. Already have a few of the models in place for them. Tau, simple. Tyranids? Not likely.

Anyways, that's my thoughts on the new race. It's really down to Witch Hunters, Dark Eldar, and Necrons, and they already have the Necron models in.
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its Tau and Necrons, those are the 2 new races, i saw it on think) i drank too much soda that minds a little funky....

They have a screen shot of 2 monoliths with a crap-load of necrons just spilling out, and the imperial guard in the background just waiting to get slaughtered.... Im just sorry that I dont remember the website, like i said know..
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