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so after reading a few lists on here this is what i could come up with, i just bought the codex and thought id make a decent list before letting gw rape my wallet. any constructive criticism or comments would be really helpful.

HQ -
Duke Sliscus - 150
2 Haemonculus w/ liquifier gun and webway portal (95 each) - 190

Incubi (7) - 154 (using two identical groups of these)
klaivex - 15
demiklaves - 20
blood stone - 15
murderous assault - 10
total - 214 x 2 = 428

Kabalite Trueborn (4) - 48 (this group starting with the duke)
2 shard carbines - 10
2 splinter cannons - 20
on venom w/splinter cannon and nightshields -75
total - 153


Wyches (9) - 90 (using three groups, 1 haemonculus going with two of them)
hekatrix - 10
haywire grenades - 18
raider with flicker field, enhanced aethersails, and night shields - 85
total - 203 x 3 = 609

Fast Attack

Reavers (3) - 66
heat lance - 12
cluster caltrops - 20
arena champion - 10
power weapon - 10
total - 118


Ravager (3) - 125
flickerfild - 10
nightshileds - 10
total - 135 x 3 = 375


= 2023

so where should i drop the 23 points?

the plans is to start with duke sliscus in the venom with kabalite true born, with raiders with wyches and haemonculi on the board, those drop webway portals for the incubi, haemonculi join incubi for assaults, reavers pop out of webway when needed to take out left over tanks or contest objectives. third set of wyches is versaitile may start on board or come in later depending on the game. ravagers will shield the venom and raiders as they make there way into assault.

so what can i change to make it better? thanks for your help!

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I would drop the arena champ and the power weapon for starters on the Reavers. They are pretty fragile in this dex. Caltrops and the heat lance are also at odds here. You want to boost to get use of your vanes and caltrops. If you stop, you lose that 3+ save. You could keep the lance for desperate AT if you want. IMO this unit is too small and its very vulnerable to non turbo moves. But dumping the champ and power weapon will save most of the points.

I would also consider swapping your night shields from your raiders to your venom. That venom does very nicely at 36 inch range. Having the ability to cut down on 36" and less weapons is very nice. Also the way it cuts rapid fire and melta extra dice ranges down down makes it worth the points. I run the same unit with 5 trueborn. I start the game with the duke attached to it and them next to the venom. I have the duke join a wych squad on turn 1 and then have the 5 trueborn jump on their venom. It does require putting the squads behind cover but I havent had any problems in 15 games. The Duke does great with wyches and leaves the TB to do what they do best which is to stay out of CC and shoot from the venom.

I think your portals are wasted a bit on this list. The incubi and the reavers are the only things using the portal. Id dump the portal and get the incubi a raider. I have found having a lot of vehicles on the board helps psychologically. It forces your opponent to make choices and priorities.

Finally, I would consider dumping the sails on the raiders and getting shardnets for your wyches. I haven't had any problems delivering wyches into CC. The raider is a delivery system. The weapon is the wyches. Once they are out, any extra shots it gets are a bonus. I have found the nets to be very very useful. In my last game, I had 3 nets in BtB with Abbadon. It cut down on his bonus attacks so I was usually taking 4-5 swings. Your Hekatrix absolutely needs an agonizer. Thats where you killing power really comes from.

Haywires on wyches will give you some anti-walker defense. And they will occasionally allow you to pop a vehicle. But it isn't something you want to do on a regular basis. You only have three troop units, so its imperative you keep them alive in objective games. I wouldn't take the HWG's unless you face lists with a lot of walkers.

Incubi are pretty cool models and they do a good job against MEQ's. But they cant stand up to any decent IC's out there. Most lists are built to take care of 3+ armor saves and if you face a lot of ap2 or S6 weapons so FNP isn't too hard to get around. So be careful with them. A beast pack is a lot cheaper and it has been a lot more powerful and survivable for me over Incubi.

I'd proxy your list for 4-5 games and it becomes very obvious where points are wasted. And then you can spend your money a bit more efficiently.

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1) change the jetbikes to 6 stock jetbikes 14 extra points
2) drop the haywire grenades on the wyches = 54 saved points
3) on the incubi change murderous assault for onslaught, drop the demiklaves, add 1 more incubi= 14 extra points
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