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As requested by the public, a larger game!

Yes, 2000p of combat, as the Drukhari go against the Grey Knights in this game combining Maelstrom and Eternal War.

Small pitch for the game idea comes from the message i send my friend (the Grey Knight -player) couple of hours before the game to get him in the zone...

Conversation between Archon Gravon and his 2nd in command...

"My lord, the planet seems to interest the monkeigh who dabble with the ruinous ways..."
"Explain slave"
"They are investigating the ruins dedicated for She Who Thirsts and are destroying the last of the infected ones..."
"Interesting. We might benefit from this. Summon the Poison Princess and the Prophets of the Flesh. It's time to cash in some old debts.
Let us hunt for some fresh delightment for our enjoyment. Summon the party and let us ride!"

This was the tightest game i´ve had in the 8th edition with the New Drukhari Codex and we both enjoyed it!

I´m trying Helm of Spite for the first time and the (very!) dusty Hellions make an appearance in this game too.

In the opening shots, you can see what is the difference in bodies (you can get with 2000 points) between the Drukahri and the Grey Knights...

Elite army against loads of cackling was an awesome Tuesday :)
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