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And here we go!

Slightly different mission for my summer holiday (more time to play, bigger point values)!

We are playing the Bunker Assault from the Chapter Approved, with a slight addition of 2p objectives, represented by Imperial Officers ;)

Orks have used the rising sun to their favor to intercept the last cull of the Prophets of Flesh searching for slaves in this Imperial city now wrecked in ruins...
Drukhari are not used to be on defensive, so how will they fare against the horde surging forward? Shall the Prophets of Flesh´s supreme craftmanship of monstrocities keep them alive?

Will the big units of boys overwhelm the area before a strike back can be mustered?

A close, bloody game with two happy gamer´s in the end (a rare sight? :) ), both pleased in their army´s showing...

2500p, New Drukhari vs. Orks, Bunker Assault...
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