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i know for the most part everyone sticks to either arming their dread in the cheap assault cannon/DCCW combo to deal w/ close combat, or the support role w/ lascannon and missile launcher. But after some thinking, i thought that this would be an effective configuration...

dreadnought: assault cannon, missile launcher, extra armour = 120pts

This configuration is ideal for anti-horde armies, especially tyranids. The krak missile and the assault cannons rending can take care of the TMC, while the frag missiles and multiple AC shots can whiddle down the horde. After all, we dont want them in cc cuz a dread cant kill them all, and dont even count on sweeping advance as they'll be in synapse.

What im getting at is does anyone use this combo and how has it fared?

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Except that there armour is 12, and a carnefex will take that down for easy victory points.

Orks is the only army for which that combo is any good. And your better off with the heavy flamer against them. Drop pod - heavy flamer - assault cannon - mass dead orcs.

That way, the dreadnought what be so horribly outnumbered. The flamer easily toats 8-9 orks, wile the assault cannons brings down another 3. However, a nob with a powerclaw will tear this things to peices. But if you flame a more elite squad with low numberes ect ect, things work better.


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I agree with ForgedInTheFurnaceOfWar. I think that the base Dreadnought configuration is probably the best all around. The Dreadnought, though slow, is more of a close combat monster (with the exception of trying to beat up monstrous creatures). As stated above, replacing the storm bolter with a heavy flamer is great against horde armies. If there are armies with plenty of armor, or montrous creatures, I'd make the Dreadnought 'venerable' and add Furious Charge. Then I'd get it into battle on a Drop Pod. It's survivability will go up, and it may get to attack first in close combat with the higher initiative.
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