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Eldar Tactica:


Eldar are a mystical race who once ruled the galaxy with their advanced technology. However the race of people collapsed in on itself and now they are fighting for their very survival. The army sports a large selection of advanced weaponry that far surpasses of the other races and their vehicles move with extraordinary grace. What they may lack in armour is easily made up for their manoeuvrability and hitting power.

[=NOTE=] This was written in regards with the 4th edition rules, alot of what is written here is still valid but please bare this in mind the stuff that does not match up to current rules. Thanks.

The Army as a whole:

Because each Aspect has a dedicated task it often means that the Eldar have to include various units to make up another squads weakness. For example where Dark Reapers are immobile but provide hard hitting weaponry Warp Spiders have mobility to cover the Reapers from faster moving infantry. This means an Eldar army has to fight as a whole where unlike in armies like Space Marine single units can survive on their own. When coordinated correctly such armies can be devastating but if manoeuvred badly the army can fall apart like wet paper. Although this statement is true for all races it is more apparent for the Eldar given their unique force organisation.

To ensure that the Eldar army fights as a “symphony” elements of each type of deterrent is required to allow the army to face off all types of threats. These can generally be split off into the following sections: anti-tank, anti-infantry and mobility. The first two a pretty obvious in why they’re needed, mobility on the other hand offers the army speed that will allow them to react swiftly to sudden changes, to out manoeuvre an opponent in order to attack his softer units or/and to take objectives with relative ease (often it enables you to spend a good deal of the game whittling an opponents force down and still have enough movement in the last few turns to reach the designated areas). Mobility and speed are one of the things Eldar excel at above most other races so it is important to utilise this whenever possible.

Typically an army will have each aspect mentioned, each one making up a third of the forces makeup, although many units will have exhibit more than a single aspect. Warp Spiders for example have both anti-tank potential and mobility while Fire Dragons can be thought of as mainly anti-tank. If an army can be split into thirds for each aspect mentioned then it will generally be considered a balanced list and is very competent in fighting most types of battles.

There are many types of armies which the Eldar Codex can build, some consisting mainly of close combatants, some mostly of mobile units like Jetbikes and Vypers and some concentrate on resilience (Iyanden Craftworld), in any case no matter the type of force each can be made subject to the statement above will be able to function as an effective army.

Using the individual units:


Farseers are extraordinary psykers who have access to many powers that can guide your army to victory. Although he is armed with a Witchblade or Singing Spear his close combat potential is not much to write home about due to the limited amount of attacks, unless he is supported by a host of Warlocks or in support with another squad. Where the Autarch may be a front line hero the Farseers strength lays in supporting the army with his psychic powers. A Farseers role will depend on the combination of equipment and psychic powers you give him. These roles are also explained below.

Psychic Powers:

Unlike the Guide and Fortune psychic powers Doom has an incredible range, this will enable the Farseer to cast his spell on units within a good radius from his position as well as remaining relatively safe from the fighting. This opens up opportunity for him to combine this power with some of the shorter ranged ones such as Guide, should he be paired with Fire Support squads. With the ability to allow your squads to re-roll wounds Doom works well in conjunction with many things. Howling Banshees will benefit from this power greatly when combined with their power weapons; with Striking Scorpions they will be able to guarantee more damage with their large number of attacks as their weapons aren’t as potent as the Banshees. Doom however can also be put to good use when combined with more shooting units as well, Dire Avengers will find their shuriken catapults being more effective against power armoured foes and Warwalkers will have an increased wound rate. Single model wise, if the Farseer was alone, this power would work well in conjunction with Eldritch Storm and a Spirit Stone.

Eldritch Storm:
A power but it can blast large holes in a certain area. The advantage of this power is that it can cause pinning, although it has a low strength it can thwart an advance or shooting of a squad for a turn. The low strength disadvantage can also be remedied with the combination of Doom and a Spirit Stone, this way the chance of Eldritch Storm causing casualties is enhanced. This power works well against swarm armies such as tyranids or squads with low armour save values like Imperial Guardsmen. The greatest advantage is that this power does not require line of sight which allows a Farseer to indirectly attack units without exposing himself. Against vehicles this power can be very useful. Although Eldritch Storm has a low strength it can penetrate all armour values but even if it does not destroy a vehicle there’s a chance that the tank would be forced to face another direction, exposing its more frail sides, with this in mind it is always a good idea to target a vehicle with this power if available before dedicating more potent weapons against it. Because this power is rather short ranged it does not allow a Farseer to partner with barrage troops very well, however Eldritch Storm does lend itself to being able to target squads that are hiding from view of your other units.

Allows a unit to re-roll any armour save and also one of the more expensive powers but highly useful. This power is very good at keeping more frail units alive or making already tough squads very hard to kill. Such examples would include Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees. Above these though Harlequins will benefit greatly due to their low saves (but invulnerable), however a Farseer joining Harlequins may thwart their movement capabilities so it is a good idea to have him separate with his own means of movement (Jetbike). Due to Fortunes short casting range this power requires the Farseer to remain close to the army so he can use Fortune on the squads that need it most. His Independent Character ability will keep him from being targeted but if he joins a squad such as Striking Scorpions he too will benefit from the power if cast on them. A Farseer with bodyguards can turn themselves into a really tough shield due to their invulnerable saves. When combined with warlock weaponry and psychic powers they can be a very fearsome squad.

Guide is a good power to use if you wish to play defensively or use a fire base as it allows other squads of re-rolls failed hits. Combine this to a unit such as Dark Reapers to get rid of all those annoying 1s and 2s and it increases the damage dealt to an opponent. Like Fortune this power is also very short ranged which means the Farseer will either have to be near or joined to the squads he wishes to benefit from this power. Guide also works well as a front line power when combined with Doom; with all rolls being able to re-roll they become a very efficient killing machine. Warwalkers in particular will benefit from the combination but also large squads of Guardian Defenders can be turned into very efficient hunters with the large volumes of Shuriken Catapults. Even Warp Spiders can also benefit from this power buy using their movement during the assault phase to get into range of the Farseer for the following turn.

Like Eldritch Storm this power is an offensive type but unlike it this power targets specific foes instead of landing a large blast on them. Because this power relies on the Farseer having superior leadership to the model he’s attacking this power doesn’t tend to work very well against Characters. However, this power is highly efficient at killing lesser infantry such as squad leaders and weapon specialists where their leadership value may be lower and the Farseer is at an advantage. This power is very useful in knocking out those power weapons/ power fists that may threaten your combat squads before they charge.


Singing Spear:
This weapon upgrade functions much like a Witchblade but difference is that this weapon uses up both hands and can be thrown. This is a useful upgrade if the Farseer has a Jetbike as the extra speed will enable him to make full use of the spear. However this weapon is not great when the Farseer is also given an offensive psychic power as he will not be able to use both during the shooting phase. The weapon is also useful for taking down skimmers where the Witchblade may struggle to hit, if a bodyguard is present, mix and matching a variety of Singing Spears and Witchblades will enable the squad to deal with various threats.

Runes of Warding:
Useful in disrupting opposing psykers. Even on high Leadership pyskers when forced to roll three dice for pyschic tests chances are they're going to fail, and if they fail above a certain roll it can instant kill those low toughness models or cause initial damage before the model gets too close. Not many armies are highly dependant on psychic powers but it can save you from those powerful ones when the pop up.

Runes of Witness:
One of the most important pieces of equipment for the Farseer as it allows him to almost guarantee a successful psychic test. However these runes do increase the chances of “a perils of the warp attack” on a double one which makes pairing this equipment with Ghosthelm very beneficial.

Spirit Stones:
At a reasonable cost the Spirit Stone allows the Farseer to use two powers a turn, this enables him to mix and match various psychic powers to accomplish his given role during battle. It is best not to give him two offensive powers as he will only be able to use one a turn and negates the point of having a Spirit Stone. However a single offensive power works well with Guide or Fortune as he will be in the front line anyway but Doom is also a good combination. When picking two defensive powers (Guide, Fortune or Doom) be careful in choice as if the Farseer is acting as a buff for support weapons with Guide then Fortune will hardly be of use as he is far away and out of range from the units that will require it. Guide and Doom works well for long ranged units while Doom and Fortune works well for combat units. Doom and Guide works well for core troops that rely on their small arms to deal damage like Dire Avengers and Guardians (Especially if Guardians are armed with a single shot support weapon.

This equipment protects against perils of the warp attacks, as mentioned above it is more useful when combine with Runes of Witness.

The bike will give the Farseer an exceptional amount of manoeuvrability and will give him more coverage with his psychic powers. If given a Singing Spear he is also able to hunt down vehicles with the extra movement. When accompanied by a Warlock bodyguard they can be a very tough unit to get rid of when combined with their large array of psychic powers, this is useful for holding up the turning the tide in melee if one of your units are struggling but the toughness and speed will make the squadron more effective in take and hold objectives. Combating on Jetbikes though is more useful in hunting down the tougher creatures or armoured foes like dreadnoughts as their resilience will protect them from potent attacks and their Witchblades or Singing Spears has good hitting power.

Warlock Bodyguards:

By having Warlocks a Farseer can gain the advantages their psychic powers provide. In addition to this the whole squad then becomes a scoring unit, a very tough one at that, which makes them great at holding objectives but their resilience and potent weaponry also enables them to be a good counter measure against larger creatures such as Dreadnoughts and Daemons, they can also provide the additional hitting power needed to turn the tide of combat. Although when pitch against very heavy infantry like Terminators, a Farseer and his bodyguards are likely to loose but you can be Guaranteed that they will hold up that one potent squad for a good deal of the game. Just like the Farseer; Warlocks can carry Singing Spears, this will only prove more useful when thrown but can be a handy weapon to have on those Warlocks who have defensive powers as they’ll be able to make full use of it. Combining a mixture of Spears and Blades will make the squad more multi-purpose, especially if a few Destructor psychic powers are also included. Keep note that Spears are more useful in catching moving vehicles and not in combat. However because this unit is tough it does not make them invincible and their squad size will be rather limited due to their expensive nature, as a consequence it is a good idea to utilise whatever cover is available to avoid getting shot to pieces.

This is not a very good power to have in a Farseer bodyguard as their invulnerable saves will always be readily available. However when faced against foes that negate this save like Daemon Hunters psycannons this ability becomes more useful in the protection of this rather expensive squad.

Where the whole squad may struggle against swarms due to their low number of attacks this power is a great crowd clearer. Useful when employed against Tyrannid Gaunts or Swarm Bases.

Embolden is a highly useful in keeping your squad in the fray even against unbeatable odds and remain in the front lines to support your army. It is always a good power to take, especially when faced with a more morale based army like Dark Eldar with their Horofexes and Witch Hunters psychic powers.

Enhance greatly improves the combat efficiency of the squad the caster joins, this is a very useful power to have even if the squad does not intend to move into combat as the extra Initiative boost will often allow the members to strike first and reduce the amount of incoming attacks, the Weapon Skill boost will increase the chances of the squad parrying attacks. Striking first will often prove the most important issue in winning a combat so it is always a good idea to have a Warlock carrying this power.


Autarchs are remarkable strategists who are also able to command from the front. Their vast array of equipment enables them to meld into any aspect in their support. The addition of this individual will add a great amount of hitting power into those squads especially when he gains the advantages Exarch powers of the aspect unit. However, even with all the wargear he has access to it is unlikely for an Autarch to be able to take on squads of Infantry by himself due to his toughness and strength unless he has a large advantage over their combat abilities, as a consequence his role becomes more of a front line supporter for the army in a more direct way than that of a Farseer. His Master Strategist ability works well in combination with aspects that make use of reserve special rule, in particular the Swooping Hawk aspect with their Grenade Packs on the turn of their arrival. It also enables your army to come in faster than opponents in missions such as escalation. An Autarch also comes with Haywire Grenades; this will allow him to give some deterrent against vehicles with the squad he joins. For Example, should a Warp Spider squad come to face with a Predator Tank an Autarch would be able to detach himself from the unit to confront the vehicle while the squad takes aim at something else. This is not the most effective manner however and the task would be better suited with a Fusiongun added to the equation.

Autarch in movement:

In squads that rely on their fleet of foot movement an Autarch may find that his own movement capabilities are sufficient. However if greater mobility is required he also has various options in doing so:

Swooping Hawk Wings:
The cheapest of all the options available and grants him sufficient movement to be paired off with Swooping Hawks to give them some hitting power in close combat. The wings do also enable him access to the vehicle hunting route when combined with a Fusion gun as his natural shooting abilities are quite high. If not attached to a squad he can also fly around as a quick response character, lending his combat abilities against unexpected foes that may utilise the deep strike, reserves or infiltration special rules. As mentioned above the Autarch may not stand up to squads alone so it’s always a good idea to have the nearest squad aid him too in such situations even if they are just Guardians.

Warp Spider Jump Generators:
Jump Generators offer more speed than that offered by Swooping Hawk Wings but it is more dangerous however since the second jump can instantly send your Autarch off to the warp. As a consequence it is not a good idea to use this Jump Generator unless accompanied by Warp Spiders as this will protect him from being killed as casualties caused from a second jump can be conferred to the squad instead. Because of this having this equipment will not lend itself to the single man tasks that having Swooping Hawk Wings will provide, however it does mean an Autarch can support a squad of Warp Spider sufficiently. Where the Warp Spiders are quick and good at shooting they lack some combat potential, this is amended with the addition of an Autarch and with the inclusion of an Exarch with the Withdraw power the squad is able to draw on the charge bonus’s quite regularly. Their decent armour also provides enough protection when engaged in combat and will lend themselves as a decent candidate as a Bodyguard unit for the Autarch.

The Jetbike is the most expensive movement upgrade but it does give the Autarch an increase in toughness. Having a Jetbike lends the Autarch to using the single man strategies explained with the Swooping Hawk Wings, however the Jetbike also grants him additional movement during the assault phase that can put him out of harms way the following turn, he also has faster movement which enables him to better catch up with tanks than compared to that of Swooping Hawk Wings. In addition to this he is also granted the option of having a Laser Lance weapon. The benefit of this weapon is the increased strength bonus gained on the turn he charges, this weapon also counts as a power weapon at this stage. When accompanied by Shining Spears they can make a devastating squad on the charge that can cut down heavily armoured infantry. He will also be granted the Withdraw ability the Exarch provides should the squad not be able to win combat on the turn they charge.

Support Wargear:

Banshee Mask:
Very cheap to purchase but due to his naturally high Initiative he will strike first in most instances. He is also equipped with plasma grenades as basic so he will find himself matching infantry in cover even without the mask. A nice upgrade to take when scrap for points or when facing high initative armies like Dark Eldar but otherwise Mandiblasters will prove to be more useful.

Mandiblasters boosts the amount of attacks available to the Autarch, very useful in combination with that of power weapons as his number of attacks becomes very high. An upgrade worth having when points permit.


Power weapon:
A basic weapon that is always worth having as it will give him a hefty punch despite his low strength. This weapon will lend itself to aiding any other squad’s combat potential.

Scorpion Chainsword:
Another simple weapon, it’s cheaper than that of a power weapon and also gives strength boost. The weapon comes handy against armies with low armour saves, where high strength can cause casualties than power weapon capabilities; Tyranids and Imperial Guard for example. A useful upgrade when equipping an Autarch for low point games where he needs to be at minimal cost otherwise it’s always a good idea to give him a power weapon. When considering fluff it’s a good compliment with that of the Striking Scorpion aspect.

Laser Lance:
When on a Jetbike an Autarch will gain access to this weapon, it’s a good choice to take in order to give him the job of killing larger creatures. See under Jetbike in the Autarchs section (above) for more information.

Avenger Shuriken Catapult:
Very cheap, a nice weapon to use when out of range of his pistol but otherwise it is of little use. An Autarchs combat potential within a squad is more effective than dedicating him to shooting this weapon.

Being an assault weapon and having great strength makes this equipment a nice addition when faced with tougher foes. It is also a great combination with Warp Spiders.

Fusion gun:
This is an excellent weapon to take against heavy infantry and vehicles. See Swooping Hawk Wings under the Autarchs profile for more (Above) information.

Very cheap but has low strength. Its range is what makes this weapon useful however. When on foot an Autarch may use this weapon to harass the enemy with its range when advancing. Other than this the weapon is pretty low key and is really only worth spending with scrap points left over.

Reaper Launcher:
Excellent against heavy infantry but this is the most expensive weapon upgrade available to the Autarch. Given his initial cost it is much better to buy an additional Dark Reaper than have the Autarch sit at the back supporting with this weapon.

Striking Scorpions:

Striking Scorpions have an incredible resilience to attacks and shots due to their heavy armour; as a consequence they make excellent shock troopers and suitable for prolonged combat, especially when supported by Farseers potent psychic powers (See Farseer for more information). They work extremely well when facing hordes of inferior infantry. Be weary of low AP weapons as this will spell out their doom when exposed to this kind of harassment. As a consequence it is a good idea to make use of the surrounding terrain to get them to their quarry. They are also equipped with Plasma Grenades and if an Exarch is present with the Stalker ability this squad lends itself well to dense terrain combat. Their killing ability however is also very potent as each scorpion can have up to four attacks each on the charge thanks to their Mandiblasters. Their Scorpion Chainsword also enables them to strike at a high strength, when combined with their large number of attacks they can threaten even the toughest infantry like Space Marines. However their armour also comes at the price of speed, as a consequence they will need to find some way of moving faster, weather this come in the form of a Wave Serpent or Infiltration otherwise they may find themselves caught out by some very potent weaponry.


The Scorpion Exarch concentrates on leading his squad through the shadows while also having the ability to hit harder than any other member among them. Depending on his choice of powers and equipment, the role of the squad he leads can be very limited to just man sized infantry to large creatures and vehicles.

Chainsword and Pistol
The Exarch has the option of remaining with the weapons that his squad has than equipping himself with more ancient technology. This is a useful method in just concentrating on using Exarch powers by minimising unique equipment but it’s always a good idea to add to the squads hitting power as well when possible.

Scorpions Claw:
Choosing this only replaces the Exarchs pistol. A useful weapon in dealing with high toughness creatures as it also negates their save, it also offers more in shooting than that the pistol originally allows which can be of aid with the squad is too far out of reach to make it into combat. While the weapon is good against high toughness creatures it is not necessarily good against armoured vehicles or dreadnoughts. Unlike in the old codex where the Exarch had a naturally high strength to be bolstered by the Claw it will now only bring him up to strength six. Note that the Exarch does not have to use the Claw every turn of combat so when striking first becomes more of an issue he may always revert back to his Chainsword and still benefit from additional attacks, handy for multi-purpose functions. Such times to revert to the Chainsword would be against light armoured infantry where their save proves little difference to the presence of a power weapon.

This weapon replaces both regular weapons, but it gives the Exarch more precision in his attacks wounds. Although the Exarch strikes at a lower strength the ability to re-roll on this weapon easily makes up for this. Where the Scorpions Claw is decent against high toughness creatures the Chainsabers are more useful in dealing with swathes of regular infantry. Being a very cheap upgrade it is a decent choice when not faced with the threat of high toughness creatures.

Biting Blade:
The Biting Blade replaces the Exarchs regular Chainsword. The weapon functions much like the Scorpions Claw in that with each successful hit the strength of his attacks go increases. However unlike the claw the weapon enables the Exarch to strike at initiative order, the only down side is it does not ignore armour saves. The blade is also very reliant on the successfulness of the Exarch hitting his foes which can vary the strength where the claw has a constant strength (Although you can hit harder than claw which makes this weapon more viable against some armoured units). Highly useful when pitched against regular infantry as the high weapon skill and strength will enable the Exarch to shred them to pieces, it is also cheaper than a Scorpions Claw.

This enables the Exarch and his squad to move swiftly though dense terrain, the upgrade is very cheap and is much worthwhile as Scorpions are already slower than the other aspects, especially if they take up the role of shock troopers.

Shadow Strike:
This enables the Exarch and his squad to deploy far ahead of the army which allows them to engage the opponent before the rest of the force arrive. A very useful power to get Scorpions up near the front without the need of a transport.

The Wave Serpent:

The Wave serpent offers the squad another means of getting close in towards the opponent if you do not wish to have them exposed at the front by themselves without the aid of the rest of the army. The addition of this transport will add more potent heavy weaponry to the force. This will allow the vehicle to act as support when its unloaded its cargo or it can harass the opponent from afar and use the Scorpions as a counter attack when the opponent gets close enough. This method is more useful when faced with a force where charging from turn one may work against you, armies such as Necrons and Thousand Sons Chaos Marines. The downside to giving Scorpions a wave serpent is that they cannot charge the turn they get out (Although their pistols can still deal damage), which will expose them to a full turns of shooting before they meet combat. With their sturdy armour this won’t be much of a problem, especially with the aid of a Farseer, though be careful of surrounding weapons pointed at them. A Wave Serpent with Star Engines can move far enough to the front on the first turn so that the Scorpions can be dropped off the following turn deep in enemy lines.

Fire Dragons:

Fire Dragons sport very potent weaponry that will turn any solid unit into a pile of slag; as such their role is specifically to dealing with Because of this their squad numbers rarely need to be more than six to ensure the destruction of a target. However their armour is relatively light and weapons at a short range meaning they need some form of enhanced movement or they may find themselves being cut down. Opposing jump pack infantry will prove Fire Dragons weak point when placed on foot. If they are to move on foot it’s a good idea to have your army create various threat locations so your opponent is divided between those tasks and your Fire Dragons. Units like Warp Spiders, Jetbikes and Swooping Hawks are brilliant for this task; they also have the movement capabilities to aid the Fire Dragons should they be caught out. With a decent Ballistic Skill and weapons strength large squads Fire Dragons lend themselves to effectively eliminating large squads of heavily armoured infantry. They will prove deadly against Space Marines, Necrons and especially Thousand Sons Chaos Marines. With the aid of a Farseer the chances of them knocking out a whole squad in a single salvo is very likely. However if the Fire Dragons do not kill enough they may find themselves defenceless the following turn so it would be wise to have a second squad about to cover against anti-infantry shooting and possible assaults.


The presence of an Exarch enables the squad to better guarantee the destruction of armoured units. Unlike the close combat aspects his presence isn’t as vital to the effectiveness of the squad since they a purely short ranged shooting unit which the Fire Dragons alone are quite capable of. Because his available upgrades are relatively low cost he can afford all or most of them quite easily.

This is an extended Fusiongun. The longer barrel improves the weapons range and armour penetration capabilities. Highly valuable weapon when on foot as weapons range reaching the opponent may prove a struggle, the inclusion of a Firepike improves the chances of hitting an armoured units. However when in a transport the Firepike may not prove much of a use as the extensive movement a skimmer provides is for more the sufficient for Fusionguns to reach their target.

Dragons Breath:
While Fusionguns are limited to being effective against small solid units the Dragons breath promotes itself to dealing the large squads of infantry. This will increase the squads choice in targets, when combined with a transport the weapon can be effectively be bought to use. Without a transport it may prove difficult to bring the weapon into range.

Crack Shot:
When combining this power with a Fusiongun or Firepike it will enable the Exarch a very high chance of knocking down a vehicle, but because there’s a whole squad of Fusionguns accompanying him this power will prove of little use. However because the squad in general lacks the shooting rate to deal with large squads of infantry this Crack Shot is highly useful when put to use with a Dragons Breath as each wound becomes more vital.

Tank Hunters:
Very useful power to have as it greatly improves the chances of the Squad in knocking out a vehicle when out of half range. More useful when presented to foot slogging Fire Dragons as their chances of reaching 6” towards a vehicle without fleet of foot is very unlikely.

The Wave Serpent:

When a Falcon is not an available option then the Wave Serpent is always an option. Having this will utilise the “Drive and Drop” strategy and with the capacity to house a large squad of Fire Dragons they will be able to dish out enough shots to threaten heavy infantry and the toughest of all creatures. Being a skimmer also grants the squad access to almost any part of the field within a single movement phase if not two. The presence of a Wave Serpent also adds a highly mobile weapons platform to the battlefield. Because Fire Dragons aren’t suited to remaining in the front lines by themselves or act as shock troopers the option to act as long range support unit your army is in place will prove invaluable if you want a constant hail of fire. With the excessive movement capabilities it is very easy for the squad to catch up to the rest of the army. Having a carrier at their command also means they can sit back and wait for opposing transports to draw near, the chances of them moving less than 6” is very unlikely thus you can entangle passengers to finish them off at your leisure.


Wraithgaurd are a very tough unit equipped with weapons that pack a powerful punch, but a whole squad can be very expensive and so large squads are very hard to form. While their weapons are powerful they only fire a single round per gun, as a consequence wraithgaurd will have a similar role compared to that of Fire Dragons. Unlike Fire Dragons however the Wraithgaurd are very heavily armoured and as such they are quite effective at holding territory, especially given their potent weaponry, this means they are excellent in Take and Hold missions. Given a Farseer who can cast Fortune on them they are almost impossible to get rid of once deployed since they are also fearless and will never run away.

But because they’re tough it does not mean they are good in combat, while they do have a high strength and moderate weapon skill, Wraithgaurd have a very limited amount of attacks, as such when compared to that of Assault Marines; their offensive combat powers are rather limited. As a consequence close combat should be avoided unless contesting territory is absolutely needed since they also don’t have the Hit and Run ability.

The beauty of Wraithgaurd is that they can also be taken as a troop’s choice but this does mean that they have to be at maximum squad size, thus cannot be transport by a Wave Serpent. This is a useful choice if your Elite choices become rather limited. They do provide a very sturdy wall when advancing.

The Wraithcannon:

These weapons are quite effective at knocking out tough units and armoured vehicles but due to the short range of the Wraithcannon some means of moving quickly will be required. Because of the limited shots that these guns can unleash the type of targets they can effectively eliminate are small squads of heavy infantry such as Space Marine Terminators, Walkers, Monstrous Creatures and Vehicles.

The Warlock:

Wraithgaurd do suffer from the wraith sight rule. As such they may suffer if a psyker is not around to guide them. A Warlock provides this need very well and can enhance the squads’ abilities with his psychic powers. Also the presence of a Witchblade is added, this enables the squad defence against combat Walkers such as Dreadnoughts. While Wraithgaurd are tough they do not stand much of a chance when pitched against such foes. The addition of a Singing Spear will prove less useful since wraith cannons already provide decent hitting power at range.

Where Wraithgaurd can be very resilient against small arms fire they will start to whittle away at more potent weaponry such as the meltagun and Lascannon. Large blasts such as the Battle Cannon can also spell doom on this unit. Conceal offers a defence against this when their resilience does not work for them. Although not much it can prove a life save in itself and when combined with a Farseers Fortune psychic power.

This power will function much like that of the Fire Dragon Exarchs Dragon Breath. Since the Wraithgaurd aren’t built to take on massed infantry Destructor can offer offensive capabilities in this area.

Not a highly useful power in combination with the combat inefficient Wraithgaurd but when added to the Warlock it makes his combat potential against combat walkers more effective as he’ll be able to strike first with high chances of hitting. This will mean that the squad is likely not to suffer any casualties due to the walker falling before it can strike.

This is a highly useless power since wraithgaurd are already immune to the effects of leadership tests and won’t need to take any.

The Wave Serpent:

While Wraithgaurd are tough, small squads will still find themselves vulnerable to large volumes of shooting and anti-tank weaponry. A Wave Serpent offers them shelter from this as well as a means of moving quickly. Wraithcannons also have a very short ranged, when combined with the limited movement of the Wraithgaurd there is a high chance of them being ambushed by faster units. By using the “Drive and Drop” strategy they increase the chances of them firing at the unit they please incredibly, it also enables them to bare their weapons down on faster creatures such as Winged Hive Tyrants and Blood Thirsters. The Wave Serpent itself can also be armed to compliment the squads’ role. Where the Wraithgaurd are good against tough creatures and vehicles, the wave serpent too can deal with such foes with Brightlances and Missile Launchers or it could cover the squad against infantry by having Scatter Lasers and a Shuriken Cannon.

Howling Banshees:

Howling Banshees are a fearsome close combat aspect that can dispatch any infantry size unit in a single turn even if they are heavily armoured. Because of this Howling Banshees excel in killing the elite squads the opponent has, such as the Space Marine Terminators and Tyrannid Genestealers. Unlike their brother aspect the Striking Scorpions they aren’t as heavily armoured or as strong, thus they rely heavily on their sheer number of power weapon attacks and ability to strike first (Banshee Mask). Banshees that have to move by foot will have to consider very careful manoeuvring around terrain and rely heavily on their fleet of foot otherwise they may find themselves being gunned down. While they can survive being charged, Howling Banshees have a terrible reputation in close combat and as a consequence will often find themselves being shot down if possible. Like with the Scorpions their combat efficiency and survivability can be increased with the aid of a Farseers psychic power.


The inclusion of an Exarch will greatly improve the killing capabilities of the squad. Because her upgrades are relatively cheap to purchase it is quite possible to give her all available wargear for a reasonable price.

Where the Banshees may lack the hitting power to wound effectively, the Exarch gains access to the Executioner which boosts her strength. This makes her more efficient in killing tough units like Terminators, however, having this weapon equipped does limit the amount of attacks she can throw out. Like with the Scorpions Claw the inclusion of this weapon offers defence against some of the toughest units out there, where their regular strength may be insufficient to even harm an opponent in close combat the Exarch at least can still throw out attacks which can cause damage (Monstrous Creatures for example). In this sense though an Executioner is purely a defensive weapon against such targets and the squad should not strive to attack these units.

An interesting power weapon in that it can be thrown like Singing Spears. Unlike Singing Spears though this weapon id purely designed against infantry due to its low strength. The low armour penetration however does lend itself to knocking down heavily armoured infantry from range. If used in this fashion it is advised to be careful of killing too many models so that it leaves the squad out of charge range.

Mirror Swords:
A pair of swords that give the Exarch an increased amount of attacks. This is a useful option to have when facing large squads of infantry. It would even improve chances against to wiping out a Space Marine squad, but unlike the Executioner it does not offer a strength increase so the weapon does not lend itself to tackling tougher units. Useful when only facing armies of infantry sized opponents.

War Shout:
A power that reduces an opponents’ weapon skill drastically. Because this power relies on the opponent failing a morale check to take effect it is not highly reliable. However it does force a morale check and because it’s very cheap it’s worth having if spare points allow. More useful on low morale armies like Imperial Guard.

This power protects the squad from being charged, when combined with Banshee masks this will often lead to the breaking of the squad that assaulted the Banshees. However, as mentioned above, because of the fearsome reputation that Banshees have it is likely that an opponent would much rather shoot them down then face them in combat. As a consequence this power may not even take effect, but it is very cheap and worth having if spare points allow.

The Wave Serpent:

Because Howling Banshees are quite fragile and subject to shooting a transport will benefit them greatly. With the extreme movement provided by a Wave Serpent and Star Engines, a squad of Howling Banshees can find themselves in close combat with the opponent within the second turn. While Howling Banshees may suffer in the front lines alone a Wave Serpent does offer some support. While the skimmer does not lend itself to acting as a shield to block line of sight as cruder tanks may, the weapons offer an offensive type of covering for the Banshees. With the addition of Eldar Missile Launchers the transport can effectively cover the squad from vehicles and infantry. Where the Missile Launcher may not deal huge amounts of casualties on infantry but it can pin them down and avoid them shooting at your Banshees. Even if a Wave Serpent cannot block line of sight, opposing troops cannot move under it so the vehicle still offers a great shield against close combat so your Howling Banshees don’t get heavily out numbered.

Harlequin Troupe:

Harlequins are very efficient close combat specialists. They have the ability to move through terrain as if it wasn’t there, combined with fleet of foot they can move very speedily towards the opponent despite not have access to a transport. This makes them great in dense terrain warfare and as such they should strive to move though cover whenever possible. While they do have an invulnerable save, this protection is not much better than Guardians with “Conceal” however with the support of a Farseer with Fortune their survival can be greatly enhanced, especially if the Harlequins can gain a better save through cover. (Although the Farseer will have to find some means to keep up with the squad or he’ll end up slowing them down).


Harlequins Kiss:
Although not an expensive upgrade to take for individual models the cost will mount up eventually if each model had one in a bit squad. This upgrade is quite vital to the squads success, even though Harlequins have all the requirements to win a combat, the ability to cause rending on a massive scale will open up many more potential targets (Terminators, Hive Tyrants, Daemon Princes etc…units where not having a power weapon will prove extremely difficult to beat in combat) and better their odds of winning combat. Because each Harlequin has a high number of attacks you will find that you can field smaller squads and still have each model sporting a Harlequins Kiss, squad sizes between six and eight will prove sufficient enough to take out most foes. Keep note that it is a very viable tactic to buy a large squad and only have a few with Harlequins Kiss, this way the ones without can be used as a shield against the ones with, in this method you can have sufficient rending attacks in a large squad for reasonable price.

Fusion Pistol:
Because Harlequins can attack with rending they can already penetrate armour with relative ease given enough attacks. However against vehicles such as skimmers this may prove not to be the case, in which a solution using their decent ballistic skill will prove more efficient. The weapons will also prove useful in wounding or killing tough units before an assault to minimise the amount of return attacks. The range of these pistols are rather poor so it would be rare for a foot squad to make it close enough to fire without fleet of foot, they are a nice precaution weapon but otherwise it’s a better to dedicate other units to the anti-vehicle via shooting matter.

Troupe Master:

Leader to the squad, with an improved leadership he may prove vital against morale checks in order to keep your Harlequins from running, as well as this he also has an insane number of attacks and will prove rather devastating in an assault. Interestingly he is the only member that gains access to a power weapon which means he can provide a good defensive against heavily armoured infantry in a way that Harlequins Kiss doesn’t, the weapon also functions much better against lighter infantry as it will negate their save entirely. The master can gain both the Harlequins Kiss and Power weapon for the same cost and each is just as good as the other, just be aware that the power weapon opens up benefits that the Harlequins Kiss doesn’t.


Shadowseers are an extremely useful member to a Harlequin Troupe as she can provide the cover needed against shooting which will greatly increase the squads’ survival. Also with the troupes ability to move through terrain easily they will find themselves often assault through the trees and bushes. As a consequence the plasma grenade like explosives the Shadowseers carry will be of great help when engaging in combat. She is definitely a required member of the squad even though she’s quite expensive she’s very much worth it.

Death Jesters:

Death Jesters prove to be the heavy weapons specialist in the squad. His inclusion is not as vital as that of the Shadowseers but he can provide offensive shooting from terrain as Harlequins can easily get into position. With the ability to pin down opposing squads the weapon can prove rather useful in the off chance. He also proves a good deterrent against infantry and light vehicles when the squad is out of charge range. He’s not too expensive to include into the squad so in order to gain a pinning shuriken cannon he’s quite worth it.

Dire Avengers:

Dire Avengers are a medium armoured aspect that functions as the armies core infantry units. Armed with an extended Shuriken Catapult and decent ballistic skill they can more than hold their own in a fire fight. Their ability to fleet of foot also makes them a very manoeuvrable and flexible infantry choice. However because they only do have medium armour they don’t take too kindly to being shot at in mass, the armour is only sufficient enough to protect them from the odd pot shots and blast weapons, so when moving it is best to avoid line of sight to the opponent until the time is right for the squad to strike or have them supporting shock troopers like Striking Scorpions. Their moderate points cost makes them a viable troops choice utilised in maximum squad numbers.


Dire Avengers can be very flexible indeed when an Exarch is added to the squad. Depending on the equipment given to the Exarch the squads’ role on the battlefield can be very focused or quite multi-functional. However, unlike some other Exarchs a Dire Avengers upgrades aren’t as cost effective so it is recommended not to over spend.

Avenger Shuriken Catapult:
The basic small arms weapon which the rest of the squad carries. Although he won’t sport much combat hitting power the weapon is free, as such with this he can happily spend away on Exarch special powers, the weapon itself is relatively good in supporting the rest of the squads role.

Twin-avenger Shuriken Catapults:
The Exarch sports an addition Shuriken Catapult, thus allowing him to unleash twice as many shots. This is a relatively cheap upgrade and adds more shots to the squads’ total. Combined with Bladestorm this weapon lends itself to a heavy shooting unit. Highly useful when finishing off opposing squads or supporting other units with suppressive fire.

Diresword and Shuriken Pistol:
This choice adds a power weapon to the squad. Although the Diresword functions like a Force weapon it is not as potential and only has a minor chance of knocking out characters in a blow. This choice is cheaper than the power weapon and Shimmer Shield option and offers defence against combat with heavy infantry, a good choice when points are considered but otherwise a shimmer shield will better protect the squad against combat. However keep note that the Diresword and Shuriken Pistol combination also gives the Exarch a bolstered amount of attacks unlike that of the Shimmer Shield.

Power Weapon and Shimmer Shield:
This combination is the most expensive of all the Exarchs choices in weaponry but it is also the most useful in defence against combat for the whole squad as it gives all members an invulnerable save. This offers a good protection from opposing squad leaders that may carry power weapons that would normally cut through the Dire Avengers armour while the Exarchs own power weapon offers a retaliation punch, although he will have limited amounts of attacks. Because of this, the Power Weapon and Shimmer Shield can be considered as a purely defensive upgrade and not offensive. But saying that, the combination works well in offence when supporting other units in combat when the Exarch and his squad can combine their combat potential with someone else. They also work well as a barricade to prevent opposing infantry from advancing further, the inclusion of the Defend Exarch power will reduce the number of return attacks directed at the squad. You will even be able to hold down Terminators for a few turns. Even though the invulnerable save is not the best in the world it is greatly improved with the aid of a Farseer with Fortune. Both Bladestorm and Defend Exarch powers compliment this weapons upgrade well, the inclusion of these power enables the unit to be both offensive in shooting and defensive in combat, but this becomes an expensive choice to combine all three.

This power enables the Exarch to reduce attack directed to his squad in combat. It is quite an expensive power but it greatly reduces the amount of offence they take making it harder to kill them all. A good upgrade to take if the squad ever considers taking on an opponent in close combat weather it’s at a defensive or aggressive nature.

Like Defend this power is quite expensive but it does allow the squad to unleash a large volume of shots that can easily cut down medium and light infantry but also threatens that of power armoured foes. A good power to take when considering shooting heavy Dire Avenger squads. Useful in finishing off squads for certain or adding shots in a combined effort with other units, but when facing heavy infantry like space marines it is unlikely that Bladestorm alone will be able to wipe out a whole squad. Very useful when used in conjunction with a Wave Serpent as the Dire Avengers gain an advantage in striking first. When considering purely offensive shooting a unique combination of Blade Storm and a Farseers Eldritch Storm and Doom psychic powers work very well in thinning down an opponents infantry, with both Avenger Shuriken Catapults can Eldritch Storm being the same range it should be rather easy to get both the squad and Farseer Shooting.

The Wave Serpent:

Where Dire Avengers may suffer against shooting due to their medium armour, the Wave Serpent offers a remedy to this. Its armoured hull will provide ample cover for the squad as well as give them enough mobility to enable them to cover a much larger area, giving them more choice of targets. Shuriken Catapult fire however isn’t the most guaranteed killing weapon so even if a “Drive and Drop” strategy goes according to plan it may still not enough to destroy those tougher targets. The Wave Serpent does help in area depending on the weapon given to it. Anti-infantry weaponry such as the Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Eldar Missile Launcher and the Starcannon will compliment the Dire Avengers given role. A less common strategy would be to add an offensive Farseer to the squad with the Eldritch Storm and Doom psychic powers, not only will this improve the squads chances of wounding but it also adds a large blast marker that can cause pinning. The pinning offers a light failsafe feature should the target not be destroyed.

Due to the mobility of the Wave Serpent and nature of Dire Avengers they can take up the role of take and hold quite effectively but they also be used to support forward squads with their shuriken catapults.


Rangers are excellent troops for taking down tough creatures with their sniper rifles; they have an array of special rules that make them very well suited to dense terrain warfare, as such when in cover they can be extremely difficult to get rid of, the addition of a Farseer with Fortune will emphasize this point even more, the Farseer may need a Jetbike in this instance however. Although you can utilise large squads to knock down squads or large creatures they can also be used in multiple small squads. By doing this the ranges can cause multiple pinning tests when the squads fire at the same target which confers a higher chance of pinning down the squad. Multiple small squads can also gain a larger coverage of the battlefield when separated but if kept together only one of the squads can be targeted while the other remains unscathed. Being a troops’ choice this is a highly viable strategy when spare slots appear, it is quite worth it since it gives a larger variety of strategies than when keeping them as a single squad.

Like most units in the Eldar army, Rangers are only suited to certain types of targets and as such when alone they can prove to be highly vulnerable to certain weapons so they are best used in conjunction with other squads. These other squads may include infiltrators like Striking Scorpions, fast moving infantry like Warp Spiders or Heavy Support like Gaurdian Support Platforms whom do not need line of sight to deal damage. With all these units, the Rangers can sit happily in terrain while being protected from enemy fast moving infantry which may try to ambush them, but always remember that they do not have to shoot each turn so it is a viable option to redeploy the squad if an enemy unit is closing in or head towards an objective.

Pathfinders are everything Rangers are but better since they are an upgrade. The upgrade is quite expensive but they are close to impossible to get rid of when put into cover. However they a nice little rule pathfinders get is the scouts special ruling, this means that if your opponent happens to have infiltrators as well, you can deploy your pathfinders in a place where you limit your opponents deployment availibility and then use the scouts rule to move them back into the safety of terrain. Even more viable in the sense pathfinders just ignor terrain when passing through it, making them very swift in finding new positions should flamers be getting too close.


These guys are much cheaper than Dire Avengers but they also have less survivability. However this does not make them any less useful as they are one of the few troops choices that has access to a heavy weapon that can move and shoot, without the lose of the Fleet of Foot ability. By being able to use Fleet of Foot they are able to get to cover fairly quickly and improve their survival chances. This also makes them highly mobile support squad that is also quite inexpensive and depending on the support weapon given to them, can fulfil various roles on the field.

However, because they’re cheap does not make them cannon fodder, being armed with shuriken catapults they can provide enough fire power to knock down squads or severely reduce their size and because of their decent initiative and numbers they can push in enough attacks in close combat to tip the balance to your favour. Be careful when doing this though, as the opponent can also use their frail nature to provide enough kills for him to win the combat instead. Because of the wide selection of heavy weapons they can have access to they can compliment any force make up. However keep note, unlike Dire Avengers, Guardians aren’t very accurate when shooting, this makes using a single shot weapon quite unreliable.

The most expensive heavy weapon choice available but it does offer some hard hitting anti-tank firepower. Being single shot it’s not the most reliable source for anti-tank but if the army is lacking in this department this is a fairly decent weapon to take. Keep note of how you expose your Guardians when using this weapon as the tank will probably bare its guns upon them should it remain unscathed.

Eldar Missile Launcher:
A moderate costing weapon and also a single shot weapon, but it does offer the multipurpose choice as it can deal with vehicles and troops. Given its longer shooting range it means the Guardians can sit far back to fire pot shots without fearing much return fire. This type of set-up will compliment those armies that prefer shooting from range.

Scatter Laser:
Probably the most cost effective weapon that Guardians have access to even though it’s not the most deadly. The weapon can produce a high rate of fire at a high strength which suits the Guardians well due to their low ballistic skill. Its high strength also lends the Guardians to shooting down light vehicles should no other weapons be available at the time. The weapon also has a reasonable range so it can be fired from a safe distance but it does still lend itself to close ranged support like the Dire Avengers. This is probably the weapon of choice for most.

Shuriken Cannon:
The cheapest heavy weapon but still definitely worth every point. Like the Scatter Laser it has a high rate of fire at a high strength but it is quite short ranged in comparison with the other weapons. Its rate of fire isn’t as good as the Scatter Lasers either. But for a simple upgrade this is the perfect weapon for the more offensive Guardians squads who will always be heading for the front, due to its very cheap nature it is possible to field many squads with these weapons for a very low cost. Useful when the army is need of bulking out its numbers otherwise a Scatter Laser is better.

This is quite an expensive upgrade but it has the best hitting power against heavy infantry. Although it has got multi-shot capabilities it isn’t that impressive, but when dealing with hardened infantry like Terminators or Tyrannid Warriors it’s enough. Like the Scatter Laser is has a decent range and high strength so the weapon can be used from a relatively safe distance and can also target light vehicles.

Despite the various types of weapons Guardians have access to their light armour will likely work against them most of the time; also they cannot take and hold objectives very easily unless accompanied by a Farseer. A support role is what they are mainly for although given enough Guardians they can make a very fearsome offensive force.

Storm Guardians:

Unlike regular Guardians these guys do not have to carry a weapons platform, as such they can be a lot cheaper as well. Where Guardians are good against shooting having Storm Guardians can prove to be a useful deterrent against close combat as it is not always certain that Guardians won’t get caught out by some faster moving infantry. Given their cheap nature they can be fielded in their full squad size of twenty at the same cost as fully kitted out Dire Avenger squad. These are a great compliment to armies that focus more on close combat than shooting, and with multiple squads of twenty they function a lot like the fearsome Tyrannid Gaunts. In large numbers they can often swarm over an opponents’ position and drive him away with their large volumes of attacks.

Without any platform available to them Storm Guardians can easily become a victim against vehicles but the Fusionguns offer a form of protection against this. It’s also useful against tougher creatures that may appear or heavy infantry where snapping a shot or two from these weapons to improve chances of winning a combat.

Not such a useful upgrade to Storm Guardians unless they have limited numbers. In general Storm Guardians will survive longer than being shot at so it’s always worth assaulting. However a flamer can prevent the squad from assaulting should it kill too many models that will force the squad out of charge range. In smaller squads a flamer template will prove highly useful when dealing with large swarms of enemy as their number of attacks in combat may not be sufficient. Highly useful when put to use with a Warlocks Destructor psychic power and a Wave Serpent Transport.


The addition of a Warlock can greatly increase the squads’ capabilities. The Witchblade provides an excellent protection against walkers like Sentinels and Dreadnoughts where Guardians by themselves would ultimately loose. In a Storm Guardian squad the weapon proves useful in adding a harder punch to a close combat. For Defender Squads however a Singing Spear may prove more useful as they are primarily a shooting squad, a Singing Spear also has a better chance of hitting a vehicle as it uses the users Ballistic Skill, which would often be better odds than dealing with it in combat (Provided the squad actually managed to get close enough). The addition of a Singing Spear means they have a decent deterrent against moving vehicles without the need for a platform weapon, but if combined with a weapon such as a Brightlance or Missile Launcher the chances of destroying a tank becomes a lot higher.

Highly useful when dealing with medium infantry in dense terrain but because of its short range is it unlikely it will get to fire unless the squad is mounted in a transport. It is also useful in combination with Storm Guardian flamers.

Very useful to the squad as most weapons would ignore Guardian armour anyways. This provides them with an almost guaranteed save against shooting which will greatly improve their survival chances. Combined with a Farseers Fortune they can become quite resilient.

Sometimes even Conceal is not enough protection and Embolden offers a different kind of protection that Conceal cannot provide. In the end the real issue is weather the squad runs away or not this psychic power offers a huge morale boost for the unit and will often stop them from running away thus the Guardians are able to continue with fire support or advancing.

More useful when combined with Storm Guardians as it greatly bolsters their Initiative. With this increase their chances of striking first is very likely and this will often prove life saving as it reduces the amount of attacks they receive. This is probably the most vital part in a Storm Squads success.

Wave Serpent:

Like with the Dire Avengers the purchase of a Wave Serpent means that Guardians can be better protected from incoming fire while giving them plenty of mobility to enable them greater chance of shooting at the opponent first (See Dire Avengers “Wave Serpent” section for more details). However also like the Dire Avengers their weaponry isn’t too potent to deliver a certain killing blow by themselves; as a consequence they make an excellent counter squad where their speed will enable them to react to unexpected foes that may show up using the Deep Strike, Infiltration or Hidden Set-up rules. A Wave Serpent is also handy in capturing objectives quickly and their armoured hull often means they are quite difficult to get rid of, their heavy weaponry in addition to Guardian platforms mean that the unit can set-up a firebase in any location relatively quickly. The transport and squad can also compliment each other, where Guardians are less reliable with single shot weapons the Wave Serpent can compensate for this with its twin-linked ability. This mans while Guardians can deal with infantry the Wave Serpent offers a deterrent against vehicles. However it doesn’t mean that this has to be done, the transport can easily equip itself with anti-infantry weaponry to provide a deadly hail of high strength shots, with an under hull Shuriken Cannon upgrade this is quite possible.

With Storm Guardians this means they can be moved quickly into combat range just as Howling Banshees can (See Howling Banshees “Wave Serpent” section for more details). With a Warlock equipped with an Enhance Psychic Power the squad would have low protection, the Wave Serpent compliments the squad in that it can safely get the Storm squad close to the opponent. However, as opposed to combat Storm Guardians can utilise the Guardians can, as a means of getting them closer for shooting. With the option to use flamers the squad can be turned into an effective deterrent against large squads of lightly armoured troops like Tyrannid Gaunts. This is easily complimented with a Warlocks Destructor psychic power and a Wave Serpents under hull Shuriken Cannon and Scatter Laser turret for an even more concentrated volley of anti-infantry fire power.

Guardian Jetbikes:

Jetbikes are very mobile and relatively resilient to being shot at. However they also have a very limited amount of shots which means they aren’t suited to the offensive roles that Dire Avengers or Warp Spiders are capable of. Their speed does work for them in that they are very well suited to hit and run tactics given their extra movement during the assault phase. With Shuriken Cannon upgrades they can widen their target potential and with the increased range keep them a safe distance while fire pot shots. This kind of tactic only really works in smaller sized squadrons as bigger ones become very difficult to conceal.

Their potential shines most at their ability to capture objectives. When turbo boosting their save becomes invulnerable and given their improved toughness they can withstand a large amount of small arms and heavy weaponry fire. Their resilience is greatly improved when a Farseer casts Fortune on them, making them literally impossible to remove then capturing an objective on the last turn. This is highly useful during the final turn where you are in need of capturing objectives or contesting them, even if the last turn is not in your favour the resilience of bikes when turbo boosting will mean they will hold their ground. This ability is really only works best at this stage of the game as turbo boosting too early means they can be caught out in combat the following turn or being shot at when the invulnerable save wears off. Unlike some of the Aspect units the Guardian Jetbike squadrons do not gain the ability to leave combat so if they get caught it is likely the end for them unless they can get support quickly. This does not mean they cannot do combat though, their charge in addition with Aspect Warriors can prove deadly enough for them to win combat.


Where Guardian Jetbikes alone may not provide enough offensive capabilities the addition of a Warlock can definitely change this. A Warlock with a Singing Spear upgrade means that the squadron can then attack vehicles with a good success rate of destroying it, this widens their offensive potential and makes their hit and run tactics more useful. The array of psychic powers a warlock has can also increase the squadrons’ potential.

Not a highly useful power given the squads toughness and save. With the Turbo Boost ability they can also gain access to a better save against heavy weapons than what conceal gives them.

The most useful psychic power given to a Jetbike Warlock, the high strength template is effective against medium to light armoured troops’, it also covers a large area. Given the template is increases the damage potential against infantry than what shuriken weaponry can do alone, combined with a Singing Spear the squadron is then able to deal with any type of foe. However, in order to use this power the squadron will have to get relatively close so if the squad is not destroyed then the Jetbike Squadron will have to engage them in combat as they will likely not make it into safe cover with their extra movement. The combination of Destructor and Shuriken weaponry should do enough damage to make winning combat more to the squadrons favour but be weary of surrounding infantry as the squadron will probably not be able to deal with two squads in combat.

Useful in capturing and holding objectives on the last turn even without turbo boost, Embolden can provide enough morale boosting to make sure the squadron does not fall back due to large amounts of casualties.

Not a very useful power since the squadrons’ combat potential is rather low due to their low number of attacks. But it can prove to be the difference between a Jetbike dying or not when supporting other squads in combat, with a higher initiative they will often attacks first, thus reducing the number of returning strikes.

Shining Spears:

Shining Spears come in small numbers but this is made up with their striking power in combat. With the mobility of a Jetbike the squadron can easily get into combat with any squad quickly and safely. However because of their limited numbers and being mounted on a bike their number of attacks can be rather small, as such they are not very good against large squads of infantry. Because of this they are limit to targeting small squads of tough infantry; these can be Tau Battle Suits, Tyrannid Warriors, and Heavy Weapon Teams etc. However they are not limited to just these, they can also target vehicles to some success due to their lance weaponry. When shooting laser lances they work just like a Brightlance although these come at a lower strength and range, given enough shots though they can down the toughest of vehicles. It's worth keeping note of the Laser Lances shooting ability when Daemon Princes and other monsterous creatures are concerned as it can make winning combat alot easier.

Their limited number of attacks can be remedied by purchasing a larger squadron, but on top of this the addition of an Autarch also provides more attacks. (See Autarch “Jetbike” and “Laser Lance” section for more details.)

The squadron does not take kindly to being shot at however, because of their small size and limit amount of attacks they need to remain at a full squad size to what they began with to deal as much damamge as possible. With their speed it is easy to get them around cover and into combat but they should avoid units that may have hidden power weapons that they cannot dispatch on the turn they charge. However like Guardian Jetbikes they can utilise the turbo boost ability to gain access to an invulnerable save, although this is not a guaranteed success when being bombarded by large volumes of heavy weaponry the aid of a Farseers Fortune Psychic Power can turn them into an impossible unit to kill.

It's worth keeping note that they are not limited to assaulting. These guys are mounted on Jetbikes can can fight in a similar manner as Gaurdian Jetbike squadrons, since sometimes assaulting may destroy a unit but leave the Shining Spears in the open it can be better to use the shuriken catapults instead. The shuriken catapults can also be used to whittle down a squad before a charge is made, but becareful not to deal too much damage that it leaves the shining spears out of charge range.


An Exarch can provide more attacks which enables the squad more chance of destroying the unit they’re in combat with the turn they charge. His Jetbike has the option of upgrading to a Shuriken Cannon which can be useful should the not make it into combat, but because the squadron should avoid coming into line of sight before they charge this weapon may not be such a useful upgrade when shooting from range, laser lances also offer a means of shooting to reduce squad numbers before a charge but the Shuriken Cannon does offer another means should the Exarch choose to equip himself with a power weapon.

Power Weapon:
Because the Exarch cannot gain an additional attack for combining a combat weapon with a pistol it means he has the exact same amount of attacks as he would is he had a laser lance, but at a lower strength. However, unlike the laser lance he does ignore armour saves for longer than the turn he charges, it’s useful as a deterrent against assault troopers charging Shining Spears. Other than this though it is better to have a laser lance or star lance due to the ability to withdraw from combat for another turn of charging.

Star Lance:
Highly useful upgrade as it enables the Exarch a high enough strength to instant kill most models and high wound rate against tougher creatures. This is particularly useful when engaging Thousand Son Chaos Marines. Most importantly though, the weapon offers the same strength as a Brightlance when shooting, which gives him a higher chance of penetrating a vehicles armour than the regular laser lance.

Warp Spiders:

With a mixture of heavy armour, hard hitting weaponry and Jump Generators this squad is one of the most ideal shock troopers available to the army. Their most unique ability is to be able to make a second jump; this movement is much like the Jetbikes assault movement but operates a little more randomly and is also unstable. This means you can effectively have them target units that are given cover from long ranged heavy weapons as they won’t be exposed to that fire power the following turn since they can retreat to the safety of terrain during the assault phase. Their ability to do such hit and ran attacks and being heavily armoured; they can become one of the most impossible squads to kill.

Warp Spiders are highly suited to dealing with light infantry due to their large volumes of shots but their high strength means they can effectively bog down tougher infantry like Space Marines and Tyrannid Warriors, but only to some degree of success. This is why hit and run strategies are quite effective with Warp Spiders, if they are unable to kill off a unit they can jump back behind terrain. Be weary of opposing fast moving infantry though, because their weapons are quite short ranged it would mean they have to move quite close to the opponent, this will give him opportunity to strike them with units such as Assault Marines, Dark Eldar Wyches or Chaos Marine Raptors etc. Since Warp Spiders don’t have as much combat abilities such as Striking Scorpions such attacks can be very deadly to them. However, given their moderate weapon skill and high initiative they aren’t too bad in combat when supporting other more specialised squads as their armour gives them ample protection from basic melee attacks. Warp Spiders can improve their resilience with the aid of a Farseers Fortune, with their second jump they can warp into range with the Farseer for the following turn.


The addition of a Warp Spider Exarch will enable the squad to take up a more offensive role or provide protection against assaults. The Exarch can also add some combat potential to the squad which is quite lacking.

Additional Death Spinner:
The Exarch can shoot at a high rate of fire. This ability increases the squads’ offensive power when more numbers are concerned.

Spinneret Rifle:
Quite a potent piece of weaponry when considering heavily armoured infantry. The downside is that it has a single shot capacity but given the Exarchs high Ballistic Skill and high strength of the weapon itself there is a low chance of this weapon not causing a casualty. Because of its ability to pin down a squad the weapon also acts a decent safe guard should the squad not roll a high enough distance for their second jump. Although not certain to work these kinds of guards can be quite useful.

Power Blades:
Offers the squad some combat potential, in the hands of an Exarch this can be quite deadly even if it’s just on a single model. However, this does not lend the squad to taking the offensive combat role but it does offer a bigger punch to when they’re supporting a combat aspect in an assault or if they get assaulted. It can also be useful in finishing an opposing squad that has taken heavy casualties during the shooting phase.

Surprise Assault:
Allows the squad to come into play using Deep Strike, useful in that they are able to come in behind an opponent and hit him when not expecting it or strike his more vulnerable troops, but because of the speed Warp Spiders have anyway they can do this quite effectively without this power. Also the use of Deep Strike means they cannot utilise their Warp Generators during the assault phase, this leaves can leave them highly vulnerable to shooting the following turn despite their decent armour saves, so when using this movement be weary of surround infantry. Note that they do not have to shoot the turn they come down, so if no such safe spots are open when their time comes to drop down it is worth deploying them into your lines for safe measure for the following turns.

This power is highly useful as a safe guard to close combat. This is a power worth always taking as Warp Spiders cannot last too long by themselves when in combat, so this power offers a counter measure to such situations.

Swooping Hawks:

Swooping Hawks are one of the most manoeuvrable units in the army but unlike Warp Spiders their weapons aren’t the very hard hitting and their armour is only moderate against small arms fire. However despite the strength of their Lasblasters, they do have a fair bit of range and decent fire rate which makes them useful at harassing the opponent, they are especially effective against medium to lightly armoured infantry. The mobility Swooping Hawk Wings grant the unit allows them to keep a hail of fire while remaining out of rapid fire range. If using deep strike rules they may also combine the effects of their Grenade Packs with the volume of shots from their Lasblasters to create an effective barrage or anti-infantry fire, this is especially useful against horde units like Gaunts, Chaos Cultists and even against Orks. Although Swooping Hawks do not have the hitting power Warp Spiders have against infantry they do hit relatively hard against vehicles with their Haywire Grenades, combined with their jump infantry manoeuvrability and Fleet of Foot ability, they are able to reach assault range to a tank quite swiftly. Due to their light armour they will not be able to sustain large amounts of shooting which means they will have to be weary of the location and surrounding anti-infantry weaponry of the vehicle they’re assaulting as it may leave them exposed the following turn.


A Swooping Hawk Exarch can create his own large volley of shots that aid the squads’ offensive powers. Like with other Aspect Exarchs he also boasts a selection of wargear and special powers which help better the squads’ battlefield roles.

Power weapon:
Unlike some of the other Aspects Swooping Hawks do not have any kind of deterrent against close combat other than this weapon and Skyleap. However because he does not have a pistol he would not be able to gain an extra attack from combining two close combat weapons. This is a useful weapon when considering the squads defensive qualities.

Hawks Talon:
This weapon offers a greater strength and increased fire rate to that of the regular Lasblasters. Where Lasblasters may have a low strength the Hawks Talon improves the squads wounding rate, it also allows them to target tougher creatures should they need too where the regular squad weapons may not be able to wound them. However just as with the Banshee Executioner this does not make the squad offensively strong against such targets as the weapon merely acts as a defence or support with other units and adds that little extra to the potential for causing damage.

A weapon with an extremely high fire rate, this weapon is highly useful against large squads of infantry but can also be put to good effect against some heavier armoured foes. Unlike Warp Spiders and Jetbikes where they can retreat to safer ground after shooting the Swooping Hawks have no such ability. The Sunrifle does have a potential for pinning, in this the weapon does offer some protection to return fire.

A useful power in order to utilise Swooping Hawk Grenade Packs more than once during a game, combined with an Autarchs Master Strategist rule, Skyleap can be put to use quite effectively. It also enables them to keep up a light offensive until the last turn where they can show up for a final time and use their Lasblasters during the last turn. The last deep strike can even be used to land the squad within an objectives capture range. The most useful feature of this power is that allows the squad to exit combat should they get caught, since the squad isn’t suited to combat it’s a highly recommended power.

This enables the squad to better hit vehicles with their Haywire Grenades should the squad take its role as an anti-tank unit seriously. A useful power when facing Skimmers but it’s also just as good against transports that’d move their full distance every turn.

Vyper Squadrons:

Vypers are extremely mobile gun platforms, with their speed they are able to support forward squads with their heavy weaponry where they’re needed. Their speed allows them to dart around the field quickly, meaning they can easily redeploy themselves during the first turn or react to sudden threats as they arrive with great haste. They do have light armour though so be careful of how much firepower you expose them to. With their superior ranged weapons it is quite easy for Vypers to provide support while remaining outside most of the opponents weaponry. Their mobility also means they can effectively hunt down fast moving units like Tau Battlesuits. Because of their low cost nature it is quite easy to field squadrons of these platforms for quite a cheap price. However their low ballistic skill means that Vypers do not lend themselves to using single shot weaponry, but if fielded in squadrons their effectiveness with such weapons are greatly improved. For a relatively cheap price the under mount twin-linked shuriken catapults can be upgraded to a Shuriken Cannon, this weapon is very useful in bolstering the Vypers offensive capabilities given the improved strength and range, when combined with some of the main weapons available a single Vyper can become a deadly anti-infantry firebase.


Like Guardians and their platforms a Vyper can fulfil various roles depending on the heavy weapons given to them:

Eldar Missile Launcher:
The missile launcher comes at a moderate cost and is able to fulfil both roles as anti-tank and anti-infantry. Given its improved range over the other weapons Vypers a able to stay out away from a good majority of weapons that may target them, however because this is a single shot weapon it is not very well suited to the single Vyper and is better utilised in larger squadrons.

Scatter Laser:
One of the cheaper weapons available, it provides a high rate of fire at a high strength which is quite suitable given the Vypers low ballistic skill. When combined with a Shuriken Cannon the volume of strength six shots a single Vyper can produce is very deadly to infantry, especially if utilised in large squadrons.

One of the more expensive main weaponry but is also very deadly to heavily armoured infantry such as Terminators. The weapon is ideal for Vyper Squadrons who act as a fast response unit to fast moving infantry and deep strikers. The high strength and low AP allows them to dispatch such units at quite a high success rate, especially if a Shuriken Cannon is also added to this weapon. Better utilised in squadrons given its lower fire rate than compared to the Shuriken Cannon or Scatter Laser.

Shuriken Cannon:
The cheapest main weapon available. Alone it may not be a very effective weapon but given it’s very cheap nature it is easy to combine this main mount with a Shuriken Cannon under mount upgrade for a deadly hail of strength six shots. It also means that the set-up lends itself to large squadron use more than any other set-up.

The most expensive upgrade but also provides a hard hit against vehicles. It is a single shot weapon though and is better utilised in squadrons with more than one Vyper. However this would make a relatively cheap gun platform squadron into quite an expensive one so it is not a recommended weapon unless the army is in lack of anti-tank weaponry.

Vehicle Upgrades:

The use of vehicle upgrades can better protect Vypers but these upgrades can be fairly expensive. The biggest advantage of a Vyper is that it’s a cheap gun platform so only the cheapest upgrades are recommended but this does not have to be the case, especially for Vyper heavy armies:

Vector Engines:
This can often save a Vyper from destruction, but this is only true if a squadron consists of a single Vyper. This is because in Vypers should keep moving if available to count as a fast moving vehicle, a stranded Vyper does not enable the squadron to do this and would be destroyed anyhow should it exit squad coherency.

Star Engines:
One of the cheaper upgrades and allows a Vyper to move at extraordinary speeds. This is a highly useful upgrade to allow a Vyper Squadron to race forward into the battlefield for a better position during the first turn. It can also save a Vyper Squadron that has been cornered as the movement will enable to escape past it’s pursuers behind terrain.

Combined with a fast moving vehicle the Holofeilds can make a Vyper highly resilient to being shot down, however this is one of the most expensive upgrades and can turn a Vyper to the cost of a light tank than gun platform.

Support Weapon Battery:

Support weapons carry potent barrage weaponry available to an Eldar army. Their greatest strengths are that they are able to fire without requiring line of sight to the target and come at a low cost. Given their low cost it is very possible to field multiple full barrage squads for an effective support for front line units. However because they are manned by Guardians they are very frail, and without the numbers than regular Guardian squads have they are vulnerable to any kind of offensive. Because of this they do not take kindly to Deep Strikers are fast moving infantry. To protect against this it is worth deploying them near dense terrain where it is harder for such squads to get land near them.

The shortest ranged weapon but also the most potent. The weapon is good for dealing with armoured vehicles and heavy infantry, but because of its range it remains a defensive weapon that is good for covering objectives that are half way across the board or the deployment zone. This isn’t a problem when table quarters are used however and provides a deadly hail of high strength blasts. Be weary however, because of its range it is more subject to fast moving infantry than other weapons since it requires to be quite close to the opponent in order to fire. A good choice in conjunction with Guardian or Dire Avenger Squads.

Vibro Cannon:
A good weapon in that it can hit multiple targets. Against infantry squads it can cause pinning which is handy in order to hold back an advance. The weapon choice is only good when a Farseer with Guide is present or if fielded in large squads as this weapon relies on the Guardians ballistic skill unlike the other two support weapons. Its greatest strength is apparent when facing vehicles as it can cause an automatic glance, which is useful when facing the toughest tanks (Monoliths, Land Raiders etc) where penetration is normally difficult.

Shadow Weaver:
This is the cheapest weapon choice and also has the greatest range. It uses the same technology as the Warp Spiders Death Spinner so the weapon does not have an AP but it does come at a high strength which makes it effective against infantry.

Dark Reapers:

Dark Reapers are a long ranged Aspect unit, their weapons boasting high strength a low AP means they are the bane for most infantry squads, especially Space Marines. However their Reaper Launchers aren’t too effective against the heaviest armoured infantry like Terminators and Obliterators since the AP simply isn’t low enough. As with most heavy weapons squads one of the simplest way of using Dark Reapers would be to deploy them where they’d have a clear view of the majority of the battlefield. With the range of their weapons they can stay out of shooting distance from the majority of weapons the opponent has but Dark Reapers do have heavy armour of their own to protect them. Even so, because the aspect comes in small numbers, one or two casualties can cause them to flee so it is best to deploy them some distance from the table edge or an area where they may not receive too many shots. Careful of opposing heavy weaponry as the small squad will not be able to stand up to a large barrage of shots where their amour saves and small numbers will not work to their favour.

Dark Reapers do have a fearsome reputation of being able to rip apart infantry, as such this reputation can be put to use. Where the squad may receive a barrage of heavy weapons fire if they were placed in the open for a wide coverage of the field, they can also be placed in remote areas that over look objectives or paths where your army intends to advance. Although they may not receive any kills in this manner the opponent will be weary of sending his troops into a Dark Reapers weapons range, this utilises threat levels and can often prevent an opponent from entering areas where you don’t want him to show up.

Having to carry heavy weapons means the aspect unit isn’t very mobile and often will not move after deployment. This leaves them very vulnerable to fast moving infantry and deep strikers just as Guardian Support Weapons Batteries are. Even if they have improved armour save it will only save them from so much. So as such it is a good idea to deploy them in areas where fast moving infantry and deep strikers struggle to reach. An interesting technique with the Special Character Eldrad Ulthran would be to deploy the unit within clear view of opposing units, being a heavy support choice the opponent will have plenty of time to counter their deployment with his own heavy weapons teams or vehicles. This is the perfect opportunity to try and lure out his heavier units as Eldrad will be able to re-deploy the aspect squad into a safer location later. However if the opponent is a reserved player it would mean he’d try and avoid the squad at all costs making it easy to discern where he’d deploy his units.


The inclusion of an Exarch can allow the squad to become a more multi-purpose unit. Where they’d normally only be able to handle infantry the Exarch can improve their chances if faced against a vehicle or monstrous creature.

Shuriken Cannon:
This is a free upgrade but unlike Reaper Launchers it only has half the range, however its improved strength and increased shot rate can make it a handy weapon for when larger squads of infantry or tougher creatures get too close to the squad. When combined with Fast Shot it can turn into a fast firing anti-infantry weapon. Due to its range and AP it’s probably better keeping the Reaper Launcher he had. Also offers the squad some offensive capabilities should they move as it’s an assault weapon. A good defensive weapon if the squad should employ a Wave Serpent Transport.

Missile Launcher:
A relatively cheap upgrade and also has the potential to deal with swaths of infantry or penetrate vehicle armour. It’s an excellent for making the squad more multi-purpose. In combination with Fast Shot it does not loose the fire rate of those of the Reaper Launcher and as such can also act as a Launcher that has a better wound rate against infantry.

Tempest Launcher:
The most expensive upgrade and also has less range than that of Reaper Launchers. However its barrage capabilities can protect the squad from fast moving infantry that intend to reach the squad by keeping themselves concealed behind terrain. If the squad is used to cover a certain firing path as described above the weapon also enables the Dark Reapers to keep tabs on targets that are outside their firing path, in this way they can still keep vigilance over an objective while remaining in an offensive against infantry intending to get close. With Fast Shot the weapon can clear swaths of heavy infantry or when in conjunction with Crack Shot can do away infantry taking shelter in terrain, also given the weapons lower strength can improve its wound rate.

Fast Shot:
Also quite an expensive upgrade but its worth every point as it increases the fire rate of the Exarchs chosen weapon. Extremely handy in improve his chances of downing a vehicle or increase the casualty rate of opposing squads.

Crack Shot:
Useful for dispatching heavy infantry taking cover in terrain or when faced against tough units where wounding would normally be a problem.

Wave Serpent Transport:

Because of their nature as a long ranged specialist it is rare that Dark Reapers require a transport as the inclusion of such a vehicle can make the total unit very expensive. However, a transport can provide the Dark Reapers with enough mobility to arrive at a more suitable firing location that the ones provided in the deployment zone during the first turn. Dark Reaper armour and weapon potency makes them ideal for holding objectives in conjunction with other squads like Dire Avengers. With a Wave Serpent to add to their heavy weaponry they can be quite hard to get rid of once in place.


Like the Dark Reapers the Wraithlord also has quite a fearsome reputation due to its incredible toughness and high strength. Like Wraithgaurd, the Wraithlord is also subject to wraith sight, meaning it can become immobile at times without the aid of a psyker. Given its imposing presence and ability to act as a solid gunning platform, the Wraithlord lends itself to being paired off with Guardians and Wraithgaurd squads.

Due to its low number of attacks its combat ability isn’t amazing but considering how tough it is there won’t be too many infantry units that would be able to harm him, as a consequence it only takes one or two casualties for the opposing unit to suffer from being overrun by the Wraithlord. Because of this he can offer combat safety for Guardians and Wraithgaurd, but it also means he can act as an offensive combat unit against an opponents elite squads. However his combat abilities may work against him when faced against squads who use rending attacks, Genestealers for example. This is where pairing a Wraithlord with Guardians can come in handy. With his moderate combat skills the addition of a Wraith Sword can better improve his chances of hitting.


The Wraithlord has the option to take arm weapons, these come in two flavours, Flamers and Shuriken Catapults. Although Shuriken Catapults have an increased range over Flamers they cannot deal as much damage against large infantry squads, making two Flamers the preferred choice as it increases the Wraithlords target potential. It also acts as a guard against units such as Genestealers mentioned above.

Unlike the Warwalkers, if a Wraithlord carries two of the same weapons they become twin-linked, this has its own advantages but also means that he cannot throw out the offensive shooting that a Warwalker can. As a gunning platform the Wraithlord can still pull his weight.

One of the more expensive weapons but enables the Wraithlord to effective deal with heavy infantry, given his decent ballistic skill he can make full use of this weapon over Guardians. However a single Starcannon won’t be of great effect against larger squads but against smaller elite infantry like Terminators it can prove devastating.

The most expensive weapon upgrade available but it enables the Wraithlord the best chance of making back his points worth. Given his decent ballistic skill he is able to knock down vehicles with great success. Unlike other carriers for the Brightlance who may fall from failing to destroy a vehicle and left expose the Wraithlord is more reliable, his toughness makes him much harder to kill and will most likely come out of it alive. His chances are greatly improved by twin-linking them weapon but it does make him rather expensive.

Scatter Laser:
An excellent anti-infantry weapon due to its high strength and firing rate. However killing infantry is a harder way of making a Wraithlords points back then an anti-tank role, but in conjunction with Guardians they can provide a solid fire base. In conjunction with a Missile Launcher as a second weapon his offensive capabilities as an anti-infantry unit is greatly improved and he’s still able to offer some offensive against vehicles.

Shuriken Cannon:
The cheapest upgrade and offers light support against infantry. The best weapon for a cheap Wraithlord but it may prove better to give him a better weapon as he’d probably not be able to cause many casualties with just this weapon. In combination with a Scatter Laser though he can turn throw out a deadly volley of high strength shots making him excellent for supporting forward units.

Eldar Missile Launcher:
Capable at dealing with infantry and vehicles it’s an ideal weapon for Wraithlords who want to excel at both tasks. Its ability to pin down infantry can help hold an advance against friendly forward squads. However this weapon is excellent in conjunction with some other weapons when a Wraithlord wants to be an effective gun platform, its multi-purpose capabilities can support any weapon it’s paired off with. In combination with a Brightlance he becomes effective at tank hunting, while with a Scatter Laser he’s deadly to infantry.

Warwalker Squadrons:

Warwalkers are able to sport two heavy weapons and be able to move and shoot with both, this makes them quite effective at being offensive but due to their light armour they are unable to survive for very long in the front lines, as such their roles are better suited for long range heavy support. When formed in large squadrons they can rack up enough firepower to cause high casualties to opposing units. Warwalkers can carry two of the same weapon or two different weapons. With the long range they have it is possible for the walkers to shoot at a squad and avoid getting hit the turn after. The advantages of having two of the same weapons is that each walker is then able to focus on a single role during battle and be effective at it. Despite their low ballistic skill Warwalkers can still make good use of single shot weapons since they can duel wield them, although their hit rate can be greatly improved with the addition of a Farseer guiding them. Very few units will be able to survive six of the same weapons shooting at them. The advantage of having two separate weapons is that they can be multi-purpose and is able to respond to different situations; the downside to this is that they aren't as potent at it. The only weapon which breaks this statement is the Missile Launchers, which can knock out both tanks and infantry rather well.

Because of their frailness it often pays to have a full squadron of three Warwalkers. In these squadrons even if a walker is destroyed it means they only loose a third of their offensive capabilities although becoming stunned or immobilised means the whole squadron is stranded, even so they are still effective gunning platforms.

Their light armour means they should make use of the available terrain. When deploying places where they meet no line of sight to and opponent are often best, unlike infantry heavy weapons squads Warwalkers are able to move and shoot, meaning they do not need to see opposing squads from the beginning on the game. This allows them to conceal themselves and avoid getting shot to pieces if you don’t get the first turn. With the scout rule on their side they are able to make it to forward terrain where it can be safer. Like Dark Reapers, Warwalkers can cover certain firing paths. Given their armour values it means that they are never too exposed to shooting.

These are a highly effective weapon against heavily armoured infantry. Where Dark Reapers are effective only up to power armoured units, Warwalkers are able to shred even Terminator squads down to nothing.

Missile Launcher:
A weapon that is able to clear away both vehicles and swaths of infantry when used in great number it is able to almost guarantee complete kills. Being cheaper than the Starcannon and Brightlance it’s an ideal weapon for making Warwalkers cost effective while carrying a huge punch. The low AP of a Krak Missile enables them to effectively make holes against heavy infantry squads. Against units such as Thousand Sons Chaos Marines it will prove invaluable.

Scatter Laser:
Being on of the cheaper choices this weapon is great for clearing away horde armies. Used in large volumes the weapon is capable of destroying whole squads of light infantry or bogging down heavier infantry. Its cheap nature keeps Warwalker Squadrons cost effective, not to mention the volume of shots will shred any light vehicles in range. Ideal for use against Imperial mechanised armies.

Shuriken Cannon:
The cheapest of all weapons choices but really only useful in small games. Its short range means that the Walker will have to be quite close to the opponent in order to use them, in which case they will probably find it difficult to get into position intact despite squadron use in larger games.

The most expensive weapon choice but also the most idea for destroying vehicles as it is rare for even the toughest vehicle to be able to survive six Brightlance shots. However, a Missile Launcher can be better in this task as a whole squadron of these weapons can become very expensive and a prime target for the opponent.

Spirit Stone:
Not a weapon but a very cheap upgrade that acts like extra armour. The inclusion of a Spirit Stone can mean that a squadron of Warwalkers is able to continue an advance of retreat to safer ground when one of them is stunned.


Falcons are incredibly fast moving vehicles and are close to impossible to get rid of. Each can carry an array of heavy weaponry which can be bought to bare quickly to where it is needed. Armed with a Pulse Laser as its primary weapon the Falcon is able to dispatch opposing vehicles, but with its multi-shot capabilities it’s also useful against heavy infantry like Battlesuits and Thousand Sons Chaos Marines where its’ instant killing ability becomes useful. However due to its poor ballistic skill it does better with weapons with a high fire rate. Despite this the Falcon offensive capabilities aren’t as impressive as some of the other battle tanks out there, but with the option of being able to transport small units across the board it’s fire power can be vastly improved with the aid of Aspect Warriors. Armed with an array of anti-infantry weaponry, a small squad of Dire Avengers can add a deadly torrent of Shuriken Catapults, especially if an Exarch with two Shuriken Catapults and Bladestorm is present. When wanting to deal with vehicles a Falcons’ mobility can easily bring a small squad of Fire Dragons safely to the front, not many vehicles would be able to stand up to six Fusionguns but the Falcon also has a Pulse Laser handy in case they did.


Typically a Falcon is upgraded with a Spirit Stone and Holo Fields. The combination in addition to being a fast moving vehicle can make a Falcon as tough as nails despite its armour values. For this reason it’s important that a Falcon keeps moving if possible. Because Falcons do not start off the game counting as fast moving it is best to conceal them behind terrain when deploying as their light armour can mean they’d get grounded fairly easily if shot at. Vector Engine and Star Engines are less common upgrades to see on a Falcon. While the addition of Vector Engines can further toughen up the vehicle the total cost becomes quite high and as a consequence it is often left out. Star Engines are useful at getting behind an opponents lines or out manoeuvring him but because the Falcon alone is not enough to provide the fire power needed to make great changes to the course of the battle it also is often left out unless supported by other fast moving units like Jetbikes, Wave Serpents and Vypers.


Due to the Pulse Laser being the Falcons main weapon its second will have to be a defensive weapon in order for it to be able to move and shoot.

Shuriken Cannon:
A very cheap upgrade but lacks range. Because it’s very cheap it is easily paired off with a Shuriken Cannon under hull mount and a small unit of Aspect Warriors. The combination allows the Falcon to dish out a large amount of anti-infantry fire power while it drops of the Aspect unit, this can be used in addition to the squads own fire power (Dire Avengers for a barrage of shuriken rounds) for some deadly anti-infantry or give cover to a squad that is not specialised in such a field (Fire Dragons).

Scatter Laser:
One of the cheapest upgrades, like the Shuriken Cannon it has a high fire rate making it ideal in order to deal with infantry but has a boosted range. This weapon can also be used in conjunction with a under mounted Shuriken Cannon and/or a small unit of Aspect Warriors.

Eldar Missile Launcher:
A moderate weapon that can use its plasma capabilities to pin down squads, however this weapon only has a single shot meaning the Falcons low ballistic skill can work against it. Should a Falcon ever remain still it is able to let of a volley of strength eight shots against vehicles, not recommended though since a Falcons’ resilience relies on it constantly moving.

When combined with the Pulse Laser the Falcon can make a deadly anti-heavy infantry platform given its volley of high strength low AP shots. If a under hull mounted Shuriken Cannon is taken the total fire power this vehicle can rack up can also make it ideal against large squads.

This weapon offers a harder punch against vehicles that the Pulse Laser does but not a recommended weapon as it means the Falcon is carrying two main weapons which would rarely fire together. It is useful for a tank hunting Falcon that remains near the front as it can function as a backup weapon should its Pulse Laser be destroyed.

Fire Prism:

The Fire Prism can be considered the Eldars main battle tank and is likened to that of the Tau Hammerhead. Like with other skimmers of the army the vehicle has incredible mobility enabling it to quickly react to sudden changes during the game. Armed with the fearsome prism cannon it is capable of taking down vehicles or swaths of infantry. Its incredible range also mean it can get away without the upgrades to make the Falcon resilient as it can avoid more other long ranged heavy weaponry. This offers opportunity to make use of the cannons unique nature of combining strength with other Fire Prisms. Unlike the Falcon though the vehicle does not have as many heavy weapons and a single weapon destroyed can often render it useless, because of this the Fire Prism should be moved with care and with consideration to the anti-tank weaponry its exposed to. The addition of an under mounted Shuriken Cannon can offer the Fire Prism light offensive capabilities in such scenarios or be used as a finishing off weapon to any survivors that were unscathed by the main cannon.

When combining strength of Prism Cannons their strength enables them to clear away huge squads of heavy infantry in a single squad or increase their chances of downing heavier vehicles. With this unique nature and multiple Fire Prisms they are able to gain a wide coverage of the field. Since only the Fire Prism shooting will require line of sight to the target the rest of the vehicles can conformably remain in cover avoiding any unnecessary damage.


As mentioned above a Fire Prisms doesn’t have to have upgrades as its weapon range means it can stay out of range of most weapons and makes it more viable to field in multiples. However because it is a main battle tank it is always worth giving it some survivability as it can be sure to attract some attention. Luckily because it does not need to purchase an additional heavy weapon like the Falcon it can often end up cheaper.

One of the most important upgrades to a skimmer in order to keep it alive when near the front as it decreases the chances of a vehicle destroyed role when taking glancing hits. It is the most expensive upgrade however but is very much worth its points.

Spirit Stones:
Functions much like Extra Armour the Imperials use but when put in combination with Holofeilds it means that should any of the dice roll a three or below the Fire Prism is always able to manoeuvre away into cover rather than risk sitting in the open during the opponents following turn.

Star Engines:
Star Engines are useful at getting behind opponents lines to get to those softer areas with the Prism Cannon. It can be a useful upgrade in situations where the Firm Prism is cornered, the extra movement provided can allow it to escape past enemy units to safer ground.

Vector Engines:
Like with the Falcon the inclusion of this upgrade with Holofeilds and Spirit Stones can greatly toughen up the vehicle but it does add to the total cost. However because the Fire Prism does not need to purchase an extra heavy weapon like the Falcon it is a more viable option.

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Good stuff. Just thought I'd pick up on something, though:

Runes of Warding:
Useful in disrupting opposing psykers within close range but unfortunately because of the random nature of the runes the Farseer will have to be fairly close in order to make full use of this, so this is not a good equipment to take if the Farseer is aiding long ranged supporters or if no opposing psykers are present.[/i]
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Runes of Warding don't have a range any more, so even if he is a support seer, RoWard will still be useful vs enemy psykers.

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Yay, you've finally finished it!

And all I can say is: Wow. Just wow.

I haven't read it yet but will start now. Just to say well done, and thanks! Rep!!!!

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that was awesome man really good job! how many hours did it take you? :wacko: I really like the way you suggest good combinations and partnerships for units and go over weapons and exarchs in detail its been a great help! Rep for you!

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I knew if I didn't finish my tactica soon someone else would! I was half way through a tactica of the eldar and then you post this!

kudo's to you. I think I'll finish and post mine anyway though. :p

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It was dilberately missed, mainly because I count it as a special character of sorts, note that I also missed Eldrad, Yirel and the Phoenix Lords. My Tacticas try to include the majority of armies, though many do include an Avatar the basic HQ choices for Eldar can be concidered the Farseer can Autarch, not many players will use an Avatar as a foundation to their list (Well I don't anyway)

If it really bothers people I can add sections to include the Special Characters though in my opinion they are quite self explanitory just by reading through their stats in the codex.

[=Note=] Can't remember who the admin was for this forum (think Lord Nemesis) but this Tactica I consider finished and would like it to be moved to the finished Tacica section if possible. Cheers :)

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Odd that sometimes 4+ armor is called "moderate" and other times "light".

All aspect Warriors have 4+ armor/3+ exarch armor except the Striking scorpions, who lose fleet of foot to get 1 better armor save.

And it really sucks that there is no 2+ armor eldar infantry. Wriathguard and wraithlords should be 2+, but I'm not writing the codex ;-)

Other than that, pretty cool.

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I think the distinction is between the way people think Wizwom, classically most people divide armies into MEQs and non-MEQs, the distinction between types of non-MEQs is comonly ignored, hence 4+ is considered light, wheras clearly 4+ is a middle ground

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Odd that sometimes 4+ armor is called "moderate" and other times "light".
Ah I apologise for the continarity error, I wrote this in sections during my spare time so the context should be ok for each respective unit. I'll elaborate on what I mean anyways; a 4+ save is moderate because its average and gives decent fluff terms anyway, look at imperial storm troopers for example, so it can be considered that aspect warriors with a 4+ save are well armoured. However in game terms, this will protect them from the odd pot shots from range, if anything ever closed in on them and concentrated their fire the aspect squad would suffer alot of damage, this is what I mean by "light".

As an additional note, thanks for the appreiciation guys, makes writing this worth the time ;Y
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