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New Forgeworld Goodies

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Well, Forgeworld have produced another addition to the Hive Mind in the form of the Malanthrope.

There are also more ripper models, and a Brood Nest

Looking at the stats, I can see this being useful for replacing a Winged Hive Tyrant (ie now we can have the equivalent of two of them), unfortunately it doesn't count as an MC, however the instant death rule is very nice. And the model is reasonably priced, and looks alright. Not as beautiful and sexy as the Trygon, but still excellent.
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52 views and no-one has an opinion on the Malanthrope? Or even the other new goodies that Forgeworld have produced??
well its rather old news.. but i dont think its ever been posted here yet..

the brood nest makes me call out for cheese!! ;D
The Malanthrope and Brood Nest has had some discussion on it.

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While the Ripper Swarms looks to not have been posted before, they're nothing horribly special. Granted, they look extremely nice, and I wish I could own a few, they don't spark a whole lot of interesting discussions. That's probably why your thread isn't recieving much traffic.
The Trygon looks absolutely wonderful. I know its old, but every Tyranid Forgeworld thread needs a post glorifying the Trygon! :w00t:
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