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Hey, this is my first forum post so please be gentle, I decided to start an Eldar army when I saw the new aspect warriors in WD 300-and-something, but was preoccupied with my Tau army (2500pts, 5 tanks) so i never seemed to get around to it, anyways, Alaitoc looks like an attractive force, and their shootiness should help as my playing style is stuck with the Tau.

So, the units that I think will work well and want to paint are as follows:

Wraithlord (named Atmos, shooty)

1 large jetbike squad (4 norm and 2 shrieker)

2 minimal jetbike squads (each with shrieker)

3 squads of rangers or pathfinders (5 or so each)

warp spiders (bells and whistles)

hawks (with intercept and use as tank hunters)

vyper (scatter laser, perhaps drop for more spiders)

dark reapers (5 strong to back up ranger squads)

war walkers (scatter lasers, shuriken cannons)

Now I know that i won't be able to fit all of this into 1500 pts and maybe not even 2000 pts but i'll be mixing and matching for different opponents (reapers for SM, lots of spiders for tau) and i'm getting the codex later today, i'll also get an HQ and a couple of jetbikes for test subjects, if anyone has any theme ideas to give Alaitoc scheme a little more interest, or a totally different scheme even, maybe a desert scheme. with black mixed in, any ideas are good and pics'd be really useful as well.

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