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We have updated to the latest forum from vBulletin. Its now running 3.7.x with lots of new features.

You can check out the list of new features here
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When you are posting attachments, it will look almost as before, but try click the attachment now
Thank you very much Blackhat... it looks as it runs faster and smoother to me, at least, when my internet connection has its ups and downs... :)
yes, I hear people say it runs faster too
Very swish Mr. Blackhat :D
you can also customize your profile page from your CP
Very snazzy! Thanks for the updates, and welcome back, Blackhat!
Another thumbs up from me. 8Y

This forum is loading faster than it used to, by a seriously large amount.
For the most part it looks really good. I still wish our names were smaller, but I'm loving the profiles and the social groups as well as some of the new layouts. And yes, it does seem to be running much faster for me.
Well, BH, I can see that you've put a lot of time into this site. Thanks for the effort you've put into it. It's now more user-friendly:), and looks cooler than last time too. If the names were a bit smaller, that would be cool, but it's no biggie.

Can we also expect a bit more stability now?
...Going to poke around to look for an excuse to put some pictures up!


Since the new Forum is up I don't have those interrupts... so I think it is more stable!

Post pictures... ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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