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Hey everyone, i was just looking through the archives when i saw a thread called "New necron unit i made up" and realized that alot of the ideas were really cool. So, ive decided to try and extend wat was going on there.

here is a link of the original

the unit i thought up was a monstrous creature, going along with the whole insect theme with the necron units.

Scorpion-like (help think of a name?)

Pts: 185

4----4--8 7-3 X-4-10-2+

Armed with a special weapon "Gauss _____ (couldnt think of a cool name) cannon"
Can be given phylactery for 40 points.

Fleet of foot

Gauss ______ Cannon:
has multiple possibilities for Stats. Firer chooses between:
S 8 AP 3 R: 36 Assault 1
S 4 Ap 4 R: 24 Assault D3x3

X Initiative:
Faster depending on distance traveled.
For every inch NOT used during the players turn before the Assault phase, give that much initiative.
For example: Scorpion moves 6" then fleets 4 (out of 6) then charges 4. total of 2 inches not used, Initiative 2.
Moves 6", fleets 1, charges 6. 5 not used, Initiative 5.

This is to show that by not using its full speed moving, it uses it with attacks.

Special WBB:
Instead of needing another of the same unit, the Scorpion only gets a we'll be back if there are necron units within 6" totalling 8 or more necrons. This is in addition to the Tomb Spyders and res. orbs (it always gets a WBB from those).

tell me what you guys think. i think its price makes it very well rounded. but i could be wrong... tell me what you guys think

Also, add any of your ideas you might have had. Even if it is just "make flayed ones a troops choice, even if it is limited to 0-2" (which i personally think should happen, making a CC necron army possible.

P.S. the model would be a tomb kings scorpion, but take a knife to it and make it have straight edges. Maybe add some DE talos parts for claws and such if necessary, and stick a necron destroyer gun on the tail. And maybe a tomb spyder head... Idk just brainstorming.


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I stopped reading after just reading the stats, and the phylactery detail...

.....and I decided, it's way too powerful. Way, way too powerful.

It's a giant, superpowered Tomb Spyder who can run fast. Very unfluffy, IMO, also.

It's an interesting idea, but, it's just too unbalanced. Make it less "kill everything" and it might work.


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haha yea i guess i went alittle overboard... i was just trying to make it contend with some of the other monstrous creatures out there. which, by the way, can be better AND cheaper. i guess i was comparing ideas to the tyranid MC's.

take the attacks down to 2, take toughness down to 6. Drop FoF. Make it pay 30 points to be able to choose which gun it uses each turn. without the upgrade, it shoots as a destroyers gun. Initiative 3. Drop WS to 3. the S 8 gun is 24".

Only WBB if a tomb spyder nearby (tomb spyders repair them just like anything else). Phylactery costs 65 points, but can be used no matter what (or should it just be normal phylactery???).

Maybe the option of 1 attack at double initiative (6) instead of 3 (or 4 on the charge...) at I3 (2 for normal, 1 for claws, 1 for charge). like one faster stab with the tail instead of slow claw attacks??

i think most of this would be fine (not really sure about the phylactery... but i think 65 points is good right?) cos when you think about it, the things that will be trying to kill the scorpion are monstrous creatures or IC's with power weapons. so it wouldnt even get it most of the time.

Also, if you gave it phylactery and the option to choose, it would come out to be 280 pts!!! i doubt most people would use it. Thats more than a monolith for something with T6... i would just use it for that 'crap! lets go AROUND the giant scorpion' factor lol.

And maybe the ability to be in a squad with up to 2 tomb spyders... MWAHAHAHAHA. 3 MONSTROUS CREATURES IN ONE SQUAD!!!

haha, but in all seriousness now, the main improvements the necrons need are:

Flayed ones troop choice, 0-2

Wraiths higher squad number and heavy (max armour save of 4+). i want to say rending, but that would be like 70 points. max squad of 10 & heavy for 50 points a pop then they would be the anti-terminator unit that the look like they would be on paper.

Maybe another necron troop choice?

Those are my real suggestions, the scorpion thing was just for fun, and probably wouldnt work out.

i think it would be fluffy to give necrons a terminator-ey choice. maybe not 2+ save, but something to make them as tough as a terminator. even tho that doesnt make sense, because if its going to be as tough as a terminator, it might as well have a 2+.
The Tau have a choice with a 2+ save!! The tau! those little blue guys in suits...
Maybe not even a 2+ save. Maybe just a huge necron warrior that looks like this:
i just like how they look bulkier. Identical to warriors, but either S 6 and the option for disruption fields, or S 5 and disruption fields. and that 2+ save. im not good with devising ppoint costs.

or maybe some AP2 weaponry... ooo!

tell me if this is a good idea (which it probably wont be, judging by my past ideas :p).
a S3 (or 2...), AP 1 weapon. maybe it would be a super concentrated gauss rifle. ooo even has a cool name. Gauss rifle. say it out loud and ull know what i mean lol. sniper rifle range. groups of 5 at most.

i hope some of my ideas were O.K., and they werent all crap. lol.

like to see what you guys can think up.

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Never ever ever compare unbits from one codex to the next.

I agree, some Tyranid MC's get pretty tough for thier points, but their points are decided in relation to their army, not everyone elses. A necron unit with tyranid like stats should cost exponentially more than other necron units, the unit you've created is land raider priceble IMO. Likewise a Hive Tyrant with a warsythe and WBB would be exponentially higher in cost as its army doesn't normally feature such abilities.

Also, necrons do have a form of terminator, they're called Pariahs....they just need I4 and a WBB and they'd be playable. And I agree flayed ones hould be a troop choice, maybe drop one of their special abilities.

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2 things:

1) i was just trying to justify a good MC for necrons, and used the tyranid codex as a scapegoat of sorts (it was too tempting... just sitting there, next to me, screaming "BUILD A LIST USING ME!!!" and i just had to reply "I'm sorry, ur too far down on my list". ANYWAYS

2) I Disagree completely with you saying that pariahs are necron terminators. completely off-base in my opinion. sure they have a fairly good firebase. sure their weapons are awesome. But they lack the incredible staying power of terminators. If they had WBB then, yes they might, but then they'd just be immortals with amazing CC weapons. No, terminators are Distinctly different

not trying to offend, i just disagree

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2) I Disagree completely with you saying that pariahs are necron terminators. completely off-base in my opinion. sure they have a fairly good firebase. sure their weapons are awesome. But they lack the incredible staying power of terminators. If they had WBB then, yes they might, but then they'd just be immortals with amazing CC weapons. No, terminators are Distinctly different
I was simply stating that pariahs are to a necron army what termies are to a SM army, a well rounded unti capable of shooting and assault at a level that the other units in the army are not. As I said the Pariahs need to be upgraded to be considered useful, however the general concept on an army list basis is the same.

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Pariahs are awesome, wouldn't they be better if they had a 5+ inv. save and their points increased by 4?

Anyway, your are on to something GMH, but the scorpian is just way too good, maybe base it around a CC tombspyder (but sacrificing the artificer abilities), giving it WS4 and I4, that would lower its points cost and make it a sensible (and viable) option.

Necrons could do with a 2 wound HQ, maybe have an immortal-lord, it has the stats of an immortal (but with I3 (maybe 4)) and access to the armoury except for the VoD and destroyer body, does that sound viable?
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