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:? I got to thinking a bit ago. Whenever I roll out my Necrons I feel it's a shame they only have one vehicle (I know vehicles aren't that great from a gameplay standpoint, but I just like them for the visual aesthetic.) A regular "tank" tank doesn't make much sense for the necrons, but here's an idea I came up with: how about a rhino-sized tomb spyder?

It'd be something like: 12 armor all the way around, skimmer. 2 Ball-joint gauss cannon turrets on the top. Two dreadnought close-combat weapons. Counts for 12" WWB rolls like regular tomb spyder. Transport: can transport up to 6 scarab swarms (no other units)

To represent the living metal you could either give it a free repair roll each turn (like a tech marine working on it) or give it the reroll penetration table results (like a venerable dreadnought), or I suppose you could take the Living Metal rules straight from the Monolith's entry. So the entry might look something like this:

[CENTER][FONT=Courier New][SIZE=3][B]Heavy Spyder[/B][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=2][B][U]                Pts  FA  SA  RA  WS  BS__S___I_ A      _[/U][/B]
[B]Heavy Spider[/B]    150  12  12  12  2   2  3(6) 2  2(3)

[B]Type:[/B] Tank, Skimmer
[B]Crew:[/B] None
[B]Weapons:[/B] The Heavy Spyder is equipped with two top mounted Gauss Cannons 
as well as two dreadnought close-combat weapons.

[B]Options:[/B] A Heavy Spyder may replace its Gauss Cannons with Heavy Gauss 
Cannons at +30 pts.

[B]Living Metal:[/B] (see Monolith entry).

[B]Ponderous:[/B] The Heavy Spyder is a skimmer which can move up to 6" a turn and 
can if it wishes remain totally stationary.  It will not drift if stunned or 
shaken and if immobilized will not crash like other skimmers, but will 
sink slowly to the ground and continue to fight from there.

[B]Tomb Spyder:[/B] Counts as a Tomb Spyder under the We'll Be Back rules on 
page 13 of the Necron Codex.

[B]Transport:[/B] A Heavy Spyder can trasport up to six scarab swarms (no other units 
can be transported)

Briefly: my reasoning for the point cost.
(or the meathod by which I totally just made stuff up)
Tank body: 50 points
Good rear armor: 20 points
2x Gauss Cannons: 20 points
2x DCCWs: 20 points
Living Metal/Ponderous: 30 points
Transport: 10 points
Total: 150 points

Thoughts, opinions, gripes?

[I'll be posting an illustration soon ;) ]

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*punts thread to R&D Section*

Not a bad idea actually. And reasonably well costed too :)

I think, though, that for the cost of the gauss cannons you may want to make it one twin linked heavy gauss cannon.

The reason for this is because no one in their right mind it going to pay extra points for a ranged weapon with that BS.
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