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new ogre player first list 2250 turnyment

oké so i buy the codex and the battle box played my first game and wanted to make a army fore the local turny 2250 i was thinking this any tips or advice about 28 pleaple will show

Tyrant Death Breaker
Death cheater
gut plate
heavy armor

butcher A
dispell scroll

Butcher B
skull mantle
2x thief stone

Butcher C
2x dispell scroll

3x bulls +M
3x bulls +m
3x iron guts War-SB/M
3x iron guts GutMaw-SB/M

20x gnoblar fighters
20x gnoblar fighters
10x gnoblar trappers

2x lead bealchers
2x lead bealchers

3x Man Eaters
Brace of handguns heavy armor

1x gorger
1x gorger

(sb= standard barrer m is musisian)

so what you think
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