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New Player Needs advice Pre purchase

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Hiya all, first off I love the Tau and plan on building a "large" army based on a take all comers strategy with multiple Configs for use in different situations. Please keep in mind i done have a Codex yet, probibly gonna wait till the new one is out before i actually do and purchasing (anyone know the release date?). based on the GW website here is what i plan on purchasing.

2 xv8 HQ

4 Hammerheads

4 Devilfish

12 crisis

12 stealth suits

2 Pathfinder squads

4 Fire Warrior squads

2 Kroot Squads

10 Extra Drones

6 Broadsides (May get just to have lol)

Also, probibly gonna have a more Mech Tau feel with elements of Gorilla action in the army.

Fluff wise
Army Name: 43rd Tau Shadow Corps Fast attack/Defensive specialist.
Mission: Hold the enemy in play untill overwelming force is brought to bear. ( annoy the
hell out of the enemy untill reinforcements arive.
Paint scheme: Midnight blue base with Dark Grey and Silver/Chrome trim

Am i missing anything? Thoughts and coments please. If I am planning anything Blaitently stupid/illegal rule wise let me know so I can adjust.

P.S. i love the Tactics of Rommel and Patton from WW2 and will probibly use them in games lol
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Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Obviously you know you won't be able to field it all at once... but you should be able to make a number of great lists out of those components. Although I don't know why you'd buy 4 Hammerheads since you can only field 3 at a time.

I'm not sure on the precise date of release on the new codex, I've heard everything from late February to early April. Somebody around here probably knows for sure - I just haven't been paying enough attention, I guess.;)

Since you know that there is a new codex coming you must know that there are new units coming out with it. You will probably want some of them. There are at least half a dozen threads on this site all about the new stuff, just look around. It is also expected that the Crisis suit and stealth suit models are going to be revised, you may want to wait to purchase those.

I assume you are also aware that you will have to buy the drones as bits or off e-bay, they are not available in squad quantities in a box like other units are. It's worth the extra effort to get them though.
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Yeah i realise that about the new stuff, was thinkin about Tetras and Piranas. (saw them on the Forge World website) was just gonna start with that stuff though lol. Not planing on buying anyhting untill the new Codex is out.

Also Cut hammer heads down to 3 then.
I'd drop the broadsides and go 4 Railheads and 4 Ionheads, no one seems to like Ionheads, but against stuff like Necrons what are you going to use a railhead for ;_;

Otherwise, have fun spending all that money, and I would recommend user bruceswarhammercollectibles on eBay, he has good prices and free shipping etc on $200+... might be bruces_collectibles...
Personnaly, I'd say wait before even planning what to get, then on release day buy the codex (or soon after) and read it till your eyes bleed, then start thinking about what kinda of army you want to do, sure, right now you may want a Mech army, but with the new rules you may want to go static or what ever. Plus, if you make a well blanced army (generally these are hybrid armies like my own) you won't have to buy so much extra stuff.

I mean, I plan on revitalising my army once the new stuff comes out, but it won't be till after I've learned the nrew codex and run little senarios in my head or by using proxies.

Just my humble advice.

I'll second Mike on this. With our new Codex being only 1.5 months away (if released beginning of March...and it IS confirmed for March.) just wait. This will let you see if there is any new stuff you want, or something that you liked in the old one that was changed in a negative way. Plus,you don't have the codex now so there's no point in buying two.

But one can you be Fast Attack AND Defesnive specialists? Those two don't really mix :wacko: Just my thought.
But one can you be Fast Attack AND Defesnive specialists? Those two don't really mix Just my thought.

Here we go, lol in this case for Fluff purposes my army is designed to be a quick reaction force, Defense on a strategic scale, not the tactical scale. Heres a Scenario for you to considder. With no warning a Large Orc/Necron/SM/Nid/etc....... fleet appears in orbit and begins landing troops. my force is designed to be the first in the combat area, contain and determin the most efficient force level to destroy the threat. If sufficient force will not be available for some time, it is up to my Army to delay and harass the enemy, impeede any/all construction, etc... untill they can be delt with
The best Offnece is the best Defence?

Hit them hard and wipe them out, leaving no need for defence.

The thing is that you can't have two major tactics unless your at 2000 points and up, other wise both parts of the army are too weak to face the other army, consider that you had an army with equal parts static and mech, the Meach heads out first, but because the Static can'yt keep up, the Mech finds it self without any cover, adn is wiped out/heavily damaged, with little or no damage to the enemy, now you have a nearly full strength enemy vs half you where you to replay that, you could go more mech, and do more damage by hitting a flank to stop them bring all thier force to bear, or go more static and use the Mech parts to dash off and support the army where it's being hit hardest.

Or something like that, and even if you figure out a great army, if you don't find it fun to play with whats the point really?

I'd say wait and see what comes with the new codex them by useing proxies figure out how you want to play.

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You have an insane list there my friend....

I'd just get

2-3 Battleforces.
3x Devilfish
3x Hammer heads

You guys are saying for him to wait, and yeah he should, but he shouldn't have to wait for every single thing or let alone the new codex comes out. Its not as if Tau are going to be dramatically changed, SM and Nids were not.

Fire wariors arent going to get new models.. if so then they just probably get more accessories... same with kroot.

Vehicles arent goign to change at all.

Crisis suits, might get some more material, but it still has the same look to me...

And if you ever want to dish out that much cash... I'd spend time and money looking forward to visitng FORGEWORLD......
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Not tryin to insult anyone here, but yall seem to have missed the differences between Strategic and Tatical scale when it comes to wrfare. A quick refresher Strategic Scale would be the Island hopping campaign during WW2, Tactical scale (Warhammer 40k battle scale) would be the landing on Iwo Jima. my army is designed to be Strategicly Defensive, and Tacticly Fast attack/Gorilla ops

and yeah, i want some forge world stuf lol, its very nice. and when i do purchase i am gonna be shoppin arround hehe
I'm not particularly insulted, but I don't understand what you're doing really. WH40K doesn't really represent either tactical or strategic scale. Your examples are division-level battles, whereas even at high points, WH40K represents only company-level actions.

I also don't understand why you ask questions in a forum when you understand the issue better, and have better answers, than your would-be conversants.

My advice would be to hold off on the planning until you get some version of the codex. You can get hooked on preconceived notions of what you want, and, while those plans might get you some cool models to paint, they may not be tactically sound.

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