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New Sisters Novel !

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Faith and Fire hits the shelves next month!

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I wish they'd get some new Sororitas Artwork.

The new novel is welcome though.
yeah, it wouldn't be that hard to draw up some new art , especially for the cover of a novel
Agreed on the artwork, but give it a while and they'll revamp it, like most of the gaunt ghost novels.
ok fine, I guess I'll wait for the new art work *snaps fingers* XD
After finishing the Dawn of War: Ascension novel and getting a taste of what the Sisters are like (as well as the short story in Inferno 12), I'm really looking forward to this novel.

Should be some good inspiration for my own SoB fluff, now that I've started a Sisters army.
welocome to the ranks!
I have ordered it from a sci-fi book company here in Sweden. To bad they don't get it until April... :(
heh heh hooraa to sentry killer thats 1 smurf converted and 9991 deluded gits left (hhmmm could take awhile)

also how come u get the book earlier than me i have to wait till may
You lived in the Oz, did you not? Take a look on a world map and check up the distance between Australia and UK and then the UK and Sweden ;) .
but a month?
damn sam that is a long time.
Navnlos - Thanks for the welcome. Nice pic of Yomi. :)

Plague - Yep, one at a time. Then again, it takes a strong faith in the Emperor to run headlong into an enemy with only a big a** sword and nothing but purity seals covering your naughty bits.

I'm hoping there will be more than just this one novel (considering the last James Swallow novels I read were the Blood Angels duology).
The book is designated as 'Part one' so there will probably be more of this.
I just read the excerpt...

Started a bit slow, I thought, and it was hard to focus.

But by the end... Dammit, I have to wait TWO MONTHS to find out what happens next? Not Fair!

Looks exciting from the teaser. Definitely giving it a try.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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