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New SM player need HQ help

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Im trying to get a second army, and I decided it to be a Space Marine Chapter of my own creation...Beasts of the Empire (its a working name).
My idea for the army is vanguard type army, when needed for jungles or any other situation where a tank just will not work. There will be no tanks in my army. Nor will there be any bikes or jump packs either, I've decided terminators will be ok. My chapter's advantages are Honour your Wargear and Suffer Not the Work of Heretics. My disadvantages are Flesh Over Steel and We Stand Alone.
Enough background...Im planning for 2000 point army for purchase, and The core of my army has been decided.

Troops - 6 x Tactical Squad (5) w/ missle launcher - 85 points each (510)

Heavy - 3 x Devastator Squad (5) w/ 4 missle launchers - 155 each (465)

Elites - 3 x Devastator Squad (5) w/ 4 missle launchers, Infiltrate, Tank Hunter - 185 each (555)

I have no idea what type of HQ that would work with this army, Im thinking of a Librarian with the Fury of the Ancients...with a terminator retinue and deep striking them. Thats my best idea. Please tell me what you think of my chapter idea, and if you could help me with my HQ and maybe a decent idea for the remainder of the points, I would be appreciative.
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with that many marines, it would be worth bringing a captain or a master. gvie him a terminator retinue, and lightning claws. if you intend this to be a "vanguard army" then you should really be bringing a bunch of scouts, bikes and landspeeders. devestators dont really seem like units that go up front.
that list is painful to look at... 6 dev squads with 4 ML's?... BORING. what a waste of time and money, who care about winning every single match. its a GAME. make it FUN for yourself AND your opponent..
so sick of cheesy lists.. and DominionWeaponsGroup is right, a vanguard army would have scouts and jumppacks and bikes etc, not devs
ok, back to subject, take a librarian with thwe on you said, and definetely veil of time. rerolls on all misses for lots of things. all those ML's are much more useful with this.
How exactly does Veil of Time make the ML more useful? It only works on the Librarian remember.
As for what HQ to take with the list, go with a Terminator Armoured Master or Captain. A chaplain would be a waste as you do not want to be assaulting with any of your squads, and while a Librarian would be a potent addition, the Commander's Rites of Battle ability is very important for an army such as this.
Be ready to get bored very quickly though.
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