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Didn't see this posted up yet, so I thought id report on it. BoLS was aprently able to confirm that the wolves codex was in testing and curently has these futures:

Blood Claws are armed with bolt pistol, ccw, frag, and krak and can take special weapons or powerfist/power weapons. They have Furious Charge instead of berserker charge. Minimum squad size is 10 and they can go as high as 20. WS is now 4 but BS stays at 3.

Grey Hunters are armed like Chaos marines (bolter, bolt pistol, ccw, grenades). No more True Grit, but Counter Charge stays for this unit. They can take an assortment of special weapons or powerfist/power weapons. Squad Leader is a wolf guard with options like a vet sergeant from Codex:Dark Angels.

Jump pack Blood Claws are a separate unit entry now.

Wolf Guard are split into two squad types - terminators and power armour.

Wolf scouts can infiltrate or come on from any table edge.

Long Fangs stay as is. Probably picking up a bolt pistol and ccw in addition to their big guns.

Dreads and ven dreads go down to WS4, but Bjorn is back as a special character. Unknown if they can be HQ units.
if this has already been posted I'll remove it, but I thought I'd share it. :happy:
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