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New Tau Army Box

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Ok, well I looked and i couldn't find a thread abou this, so here it is.

The new Tau army box is here. It is already avalibe for pre-order.

Looks interesting, and there is a team of three Stealth Suits? Wierd.

EDIT: Whoops. Never Mind!
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Whats up with the gun on the battlesuit farthest to the left. On his left arm. It looks like a cripple starfish.
That would probably be the fabled Assault 5 rending weapon.
I think it's called the Flechette Gun or something from what I've heard. Is it really Assault 5 rending? Instead of buying a new commander I'm just converting my old one with that gun and extra head gear. If it is really that good I'm gonna put extra detail into the putty, which should be arriving tommorow...............................
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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