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New to 40K and Space Marines

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Hi as you can see from the title i am new to 40K Space marines i intend to play blood angels because they look so cool!! :w00t:

I understand the rules and all of that stuff but i still need a little guidance so i am gonna get one of the kids down at the GW store to teach me the basics :)

I have a load of stuff from Christmas and i am still painting some of it now :O but it will get done soon :)
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Um, what kind of guidance? If you are a little more explicit, we can better help you out.
Hello sarge
Cant give you advice on army selection as i'm not a big gamer, more a collector. Big squads of tactical marines look good and perform excellently. Get more bodies in your army to begin, rather than super cool landraiders and other tanks. Avoid transports until you gain experience. Landspeeders are universally agreed to kick ass, tornado's extra good.
Take your time painting and do a squad at a time rather than a figure. Leave the bases plain green until you know what terrain you will mostly be using. Finally, dont buy loads of marine stuff until you've painted what you've already got.

Enjoy the Emperors finest !
I don't mean guidance from you guys to teach me how to play i mean guidance from kids down at my local GW store

and thanks for the advice praxis :)
Your welcome Sarge. (hope you dont mind me abreviating your name). Hope it goes well with the store boys.
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Nah i don't mind with the abrieviation

yep them store boys better be ready for me :D
some advice to a new player learn to love bikes and practice with them
welcome to space marines. :)
You think blood angels look cool? each to their own i guess lol..;)
The way you talk about still not having finished the stuff you got for xmas. sounds alot like u are in a hurry to finish em.. but DONT rush your painting!! it might get frustrating WHILE your doing it, but once its done, youll be thankful that you took the extra time to do a good job of it. beleive me.

anyway good luck to you, once youve made a list be sure to post it so we can help you out
praxis said:
Finally, dont buy loads of marine stuff until you've painted what you've already got.
especially this. need to paint 80+ figures assemble LRC and paint 4 rhino-based vehicles. don't follow in my foot steps.
I'l try not to rush the last few models i need to paint if i did they would look out of place with the rest of my army :D
Hiya! (Sorry, Sarge is my brother XD)

Anyways, if in need of help, just ask me! You know I love painting models, especially the fiddly ones :yes:
Yeah i will :D
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