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New to 40k need help!

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Hi, I'm new to 40k (as said) and I'm having some trouble choosing an army.
My focus is on mainly Space Marines (maybe black templars?) and Tyranids. I like the idea of close combat (tyranids) but some shooty mixed in is also good (space marines) :p.

Could anyone give me tips or suggestions as to which army i could use?
Any help is appreciated!
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Space marines (as always) make possibly the best starter army there is, they are easy on the wallet and can get powerful armies with a relativly few models.

Black templars are a really poor in the way that they really suck when used in a heavy support army, they really are dedicated to close combat. For a mix of shooting and assault try a standard codex list (one using codex space marines without any traits).

Tyranids aren't the easiest starting army as they generally need lots of models (this could be a problem if cash is a issue) and have lots of rules to keep in mind. They are pretty much the best close combat army in the game but do require a bit of care when playing to make them their most effective.

It all comes down to personal preference, anyway, I hope this helps.
thanks, but i am leaning towards tyranids a bit more because of their models. Some GW people say tyranids are good for starting but I think i'll need some more opinions.
Well if you like CC and shooting and money isn't a problem, then Tyranids is the way to go; although, you could do this will Space Marines too but moreso Tyranids IMO. Of course I play Tyranids so that could've been a bit biased but I'd go with Tyranids.

Space Marines are probally the better beginner army but if you're up for painting, building, and buying a lot of models then Tyranids should be fine. Space Marines tend to be more forgiving therefore a more easier army to play. They also have lots of different options.

Check out the forums and articles and see what you like. Really you would probally be happy with either army, so I'd just go with the one that you think looks and appeals to you the most. If you like alien monsters then go for Tyranids! If you like loyal marines of the Imperium go for Space Marines.

Good luck with whatever army you choose!

I was also thinking of CSM...? How would they do for a newbie like me? I'm thinking they are similar to regular SM?
I was also thinking of CSM...? How would they do for a newbie like me? I'm thinking they are similar to regular SM?
I would not do CSM because they are probally the most army. They also probally have the most rules so I wouldn't reccomend them to a beginner, but if you want to you can.

CSM and SM both have similar units. Each army has some differences though, and both can be made fluffy and fun to play with.

Hmm... I actually liking CSM more than tyranids (as you can see, I have tough times making my choices) and am interested in Death Guard. Their models and fluff is pretty cool and it seems like they have some good rules.

Has anyone had any exp. with death guard? Pros or cons?
This is pretty much the best advice I can give:

Forget about how each army plays, and choose your army simply by it's models, how it looks upon the table and it's background. Any army can be made into a competitive force you will win games with. What is more important to first get in place is that you get an army that you like the look of, and is the army you think you will enjoy.

Try reading the background fluff of each army.

If you like being humans, go Imperial Guard.
If you like being genetically enhanced supermen, go Space Marines.
If you like being the evil daemonic genetically enhanced humans, go Chaos Space Marines.
If you like being alien monstrosities come to consume everything, play nids.

Look at everything till you go "wow, they look and sound cool".

Worry about the army list later.
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wow. that's probably the best advice i've been given or seen on LO. Thank you. I'll go CSM, their models look cool :)
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