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hi everyone i was thinking about starting a chaos army but dont know what legion to do, i like fast assault armys and i was thinking maybe you guys could help me chose.

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fast assualt? mmm well they aren't as fast as nids. Still close combat then you should go Khorne for fluff but the new berzekers stink. If you want something that works and is still very assualty you should get a few landraiders and termies and max out with raptors and you can mark all of it as Khorne. Skulls for the skull throne etc etc...

You can really do Choas in so many ways so take your time and play around with different concepts.

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emperors children are fast in close combat (high initiative) but not fast in getting there, they're more a kind of mobile firepower army, at least if you take noise marines with sonic blasters a lot. another option is a night lord army which (by fluff) uses many raptors and bikes. but since there aren't any more legions in the new codex, you could just invent your own army or use legion fluff and take the models you like (i.e. raptors, bikes, chosen or rhino troops are all fast to get into combat) to create an army that suits your playstyle

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An idea:

Some chosen (squad of 10) with mark of Khorne, 1-2 squads of termies (deepstrike with combi plasmas)

a 10 man squad of Emps kids with sound blaster upgrades, 2 squads of khorne guys and two chaos sorc with lashes.

You can beef this up however you want, and with the two lashes in the army you should be able to make up for the fact that the khorne guys can't fleet of foot or anything like that. If you do add more points onto this, first thing I'd suggest is a power sword on the khorne guys and some power weapons on the chosen, try not to add anything with armor because it'd be hyper targeted.

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if you want to go with a fast assault army, i'd say go for slaanesh. they have the fastest unit in the whole chaos book, their lord on steed. and the rest of the army is made for CC since their initiative is higher than the other legions'. i also find that slaanesh has more flavour than the rest of the legions. they're also pretty flexible, especially their noise marines, with very capable shooting AND CC abilities. perhaps they're not as resilient as the plague marines or as "killy" as the khorne berzerkers, but they have more versatility and that's really nice! :) go slaanesh, go pink!

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hi everyone i was thinking about starting a chaos army but dont know what legion to do, i like fast assault armys and i was thinking maybe you guys could help me chose.
Hi there, if i were you, id get my hands on the book and have a look through, see what you like. You say you like fast assualt armies, well chaos isnt really that, they are more of an elite all rounders list, capable of much stuff.

Why not try a different method of gaming, like a more shooty force or a Deep striking one.

Just for your information.

Daemon prince
Can be fast with wings. Big beast.

Chaos lord
Can be upgraded to move fast, great choice, can have lots of medium strength attacks if upgraded

Chaos sorcerer
Movement upgrades, can be given some deadly upgrades (see threads on lash of submission)

Very good unit. Has access to multiple specail weapons

These are quiet cheap now and are a good supporting unit from deep striking or the hammer blow in a land raider.

A bit random but can become fast with there special ability

Chaos marines
Rock hard, these are the best basic unit in the game. can be upgraded to have icons changing stats.

Khorne berzerkers
Good in assualt, lots of attacks.

Noise marines
Good at range and assualt, a mobile firebase unit.

thousand sons
Very resilient unit, this squad soaks up high strength low ap attacks. Good at range against MEQs (marine equivelants)

Plague marines
Solid, these guys are not much different offensivly than normal chaos marines but soak up lots of punishment.

A bit on the expensive side but very fast. Usefull with meltaguns and champions with fists in large units

Very cheap now, can take upgrades and marks.

No one really likes these, they lack the umph of other fast attack choices. dont give enough for there points.

Are fast and can be upgraded to be deadly in combat

preditors and Vindicators, not much assualting going on here really!

Land raider can be used to transport your prized unit to the front line, a good choice for full 10 strong squads or terminators.

Good with high strength weapons

Like chaos marien but with more weapon options.

Hope that helpped, dont hesitate top PM me if you would like further advice.

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