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Hello, Fellow space elf players,
I think i may collect some eldar, but im not too sure,
You can help convince me,
Like.. what are there str. and weaknesses,

And on a side note, is there a way i could make my eldar "Pirate like" With like.. eye patches and hats ect..

Well, thanks in advance,

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OK this has been done to death many times and many ways.

Eldar have some very different armies by using codex craft to suppliment codex eldar.

Viktor has a tactica thread running whihc details the armies, how they are played, their strengths and weaknesses etc, I recomend pulling it and reading it.

RE pirates, during rogue trader days eldar played pirates, the distinction blurred slightly withthe introduction of craftworld specific rules, aspect warriors and dark eldar to the point where DE are commonly considered for pirates, although clearly tha is not the official case, for example read teh fluff on the Pirate prince Yriel on the GW web site.

Conversions of that ilk would be difficult to do, since 90% of eldar appear to be wearing large cones on their heads
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