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New to forum, 2000 WE list

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Hi. I'm new to the forum and have just started Warhammer Fantasy. I've chosen to collect WE and thought that a 2000pt list would be the way to go. I havent had the book long and any constructive criticism would be welcome.

Highborn with great weapon, light armour, shield, alter kindred, pagent of shrikes, the Bow of Loren and arcane bodkins=277pts

Branchwraith with cluster of radients, an annoyance of netlings and is a lvl 1 wizard=165pts

Noble with elven steed and wild rider kindred=122pts

Noble with great weapon, shield, light armour, great eagle and Hail of Doom Arrow=163pts

12 Glade Guard=144pts

12 Glade Guard=144pts

10 Dryads with Branch Nymph=132pts

9 Dryads=108pts
Joined by Branchwraith

5 Glade Riders with musician=129pts

16 Eternal Guard with full command=222pts

9 Wild Riders of Kurnous=234pts
joined by Wild Rider Noble
6 Waywatchers=144pts


Overall it does not have much in the way of casting but has a some defence against the enemies magicks. The Waywtachers are intended to restrict march movement as well as threatening chracter models. The Eternal Guard will provide a solid base with the Glade Guard whilst the Dryads will finish of weakened units. The Wild Riders will hopefully be able ot engage the opponents flanks and they also have enough numbers to take damage na still thraten. The eagle mounted noble will go warmachine hunting whilst the highborn causes maximum disruption with his 5 no armour save shots.
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You should post your armies in the WE army forum. You should PM a moderator and let them know you need it moved.

For the army you will sometimes not have a hill to use and therefore will place your GG in a single line. When you use the single line you should only have 10 GG so drop 2 GG from both squads. That will give you 64 pts. You should also drop the Branch Nymph. You have enough Heroes for challenges so you have no need for the Branch Nymph. That brings you up to 76 pts. With those points you could buy yourself 3 more Waywatchers or get yourself a Great Eagle and 1 more waywatcher.
Thanks for the advice adding an eagle would be an excellent idea.
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