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Hello! I joined this forum in hopes that I might find help in building my army.

I have recently finished my Tau army, and got the sudden urge to start building an Imperial Guard army. I picked up the last of the Cadian Defense Force boxes that I could find to get started.

I find inspiration in the IG underdog fluff, and kinda got the itch for lots of infantry, however, my Tau army has a lot of fire warriors and suits, so if there is an alternative way to use the IG, I'd like to hear about it! :soldier:

NOTE: The goal is to find a viable way to use the models I already own and then add upon them, if possible. Also, to keep the cost reasonable and the army engaging to play.

I have in my possession the following:

Cadian Defence Force:
x2 Cadian Troops
x1 Command Squad
x1 Heavy weapons squad (3 teams)
x1 Chimera
x1 Leman Russ Battle Tank
Other Boxes:
x2 Cadian Troops (total of 4 units of Cadians)
x1 Cadian Mini-Box
x2 Commissars
x1 Primaris Psyker
x6 Wyrdvane Psykers
x1 Regimental advisors (all three)
and several bits of meltas, plasma guns, multi meltas, and Shotguns from my local Game Shop.

What list can I make from all of this? Anything I can/should add to it? Thank you!
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