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New To Orks Need Help!!!

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Hey there,
I am new to 40k, and want to make a ork army. I know next to nothing about the game (I have played fantasy), except for that I need 2 troops and 1 HQ to qualify for a minimum standard game... I think? Anyways, I want to make a very small ork army and was wondering if this would be a good buylist to start: "Nobz in a 'naut" set and a 10 figure box of ork boys? If not, or if you have any tips/suggestions, please tell me! Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great day!
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Well you should look on Gamesworkshop's website...a new ork codex is coming out this weekend. There are a fair amount of rule changes and new units. Wait a bit.

Also you need way more than just 10 ork boys in a unit. You can go up to 30 if they are on foot. Nobz are not a Troop choice either, with the old codex you could make a unit of Nobz Troops if you took a warboss, however rumors going around that this will no longer be possible.

Although, with the new unbound rules you can take whatever you want.

Go buy the 40k rule book and the new Ork codex this weekend. Next week this thread should light up with posts and lists as everyone will be talking about the new book.
Hey, so I'm picking up the codex soon, but do you have any suggestions on what I would be the wisest move next? So far I have 20 ork boys, 5 ork nobz, 3 deffkoptas, and an ork warboss w/ squigg (the ork army from black reach!). I know the direction I take the army from here is based on how I want it to be built, but I'm just looking for suggetions on what other people would do, just to get inspiration. Thanks so much!
Depends on how much you want to spend. Being thrifty a box of grots is a good purchase. I pretty much always take a minimum squad in all my list and they done cost a lot. The Nobz box is another good buy. It has tons of bits and you can always use more nobs. I'd get another box of boys too, or more AOBR ones. I run kult of speed and still need more than 20 boys. See if you can get different types of plasticard too for conversions, in a pinch you can use for sale signs from Walmart.
Do you have an idea for a theme yet? Freebooterz, Kult of Speed? What about a playstyle, do you want to drown your opponent in dakka, choppas, Battlewagons?
I'm just getting back into orks, after playing a necrons for a while, but one thing I know about orks in low points battles, is that they can overwhelm their opponents really easily with sheer number of troops. for example, in the assault on black reach kit, the orks had so many more models and quite a few less points than the space marines. So if you are looking for a simple ork army that is simple to play, you can just get a bunch of boys and a warboss. You could always stick them in a trukk to get the extra speed.
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