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new to space wolves 1850 pt

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4 rune priests with living lightning and a mix of the other powers

4x8 gh wg pf mg mow pw rhino

3 mm hf LS

3x6 LF 5 ml

Plan is to run the priests in the rhinos as mobile fire platforms and the plan is to hold the LS in reserve to allow the enemy to approach me then come from reserve and put a real hurting in on the turn they arrive. Any thoughts are appriciated
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This is one nasty list! It is also very similar to the one I use. However, you need to be sure each RP is equipped differently in order for it to be legal. I'd recommend getting choosers for your LL RP's.

I also recommend getting HF+MM for your LS's. In order to pay for all this, you may have to drop 3-4 GH's or some of their upgrades.
chooser is a great idea thanks and the speeders do have mm + HF what do u think about the idea of holdin them in reserve I figured it might be a useful strategy so they come in when the enemy is alil more thinned out.
Depends on the situation with regards to holding them back in reserves. In a KP game, I'd probably reserve them. In an objectives game, I might reserve them also depending on how much ranged AT my opponent has or if he has any fast transports. If the opponents got some transports that need some serious tank-busting (i.e. Land Raiders, Leman Russes, and other high AV vehicles), then I deploy them normally to try to take those vehicles out. If there's terrain where my LS can hide behind (that will block LOS), then I deploy them normally. It's generally a good idea to reserve them to protect them, but you're going to have to look at it on a case-by-case scenario.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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