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Parent Unit:
25 Swordsmen

10 Archers probably a little too big, good screening unit, but 10 is a bit unwieldy

10 Free Company more swordsmen would serve you better

Parent Unit:
20 Greatswords

20 Flagellants
Prophet of Doom

Great Cannon

8 Inner Circle Knights odd number, you'll never get more than 7 in combat at a time and usually only 6. The wider they get, the more unwieldy they are to mover as well.
FC warbanner would be worth more than the extra wounds

the rest of the army looks alright - except the low amount of shooting. I would do the following with your characters to further help out your cultist cause

Mount all of the characters (except AL) Get some magic resistance items/banners or psychology items/banners for your units to protect them a little better


Arch Lector - Van Horstmann's Speculum, Armor of Met. Iron, Great Weapon

WarPriest - Heavy Armor, Shield, Warhorse, Barded

WarPriest - Second Warhammer, Dawn Armor

WarPriest - Light Armor, Enchanted Shield, Ring of Volans
hope that helps
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