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New Unit Compositions and Uses

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More and more of the new rules and units that the Tau are getting are leaking out, and finnally we're starting to get decent confirmation on them. This thread is not to disscuss the new rules themselves, but rather to speculate on the effect they're going to have on the tactics and unit selections we make in our lists.


One of most important rule revamps (in my opinion) that is confirmed for Tau is that Krootox and Kroot Hounds no longer occupy different parts of the force org. chart other than the basic troop choice of the Kroot squad they are attached to. I can't help but wonder at what people are going to do with this new freedom in using Kroot.

The implications are fairly obvious, no longer are Krootox, with their big bad rapidfire gun a total waste because they take a Hvy slot and deny you another Hammerhead or Broadside. Taking hounds to make your Kroot more robust in CC is now more of an option because you wont be losing slots for Drones or Pathfinders now.

In my mind I can see Tau armies with huge Kroot contingents, perhapse something as wild as two squads of 20 with 3 krootox apiece attached to them. These could be powerhouse static firebases in woods that would now have the firepower to take down heavy troops and lighter armor and could add huge numbers of wounds to your army for minimal points.

I can also see CC squads of Kroot, 20 strong with a Sharper and max hounds. A unit with huge casualty absorbtion and a truely staggering number of CC attacks on the charge or even without the charge.

You can even imagen smaller Kroot squads with the same basic setup on a smaller scale, each tailored to do what you wanted it to do and only taking up ONE basic troop slot. I think I'm starting to drool.


The new rules are also supposed to make significant changes to the way markerlights work. Now for every markerlight hit you can increase the BS of another shooting Tau unit or decrease the enemy units Leadership or split the hits up to do a little of both. The implications of this are truely far reaching.

Pathfinders are going to almost become a standard troop selection for any list, rather than the odity that they are now. And since markerlights are gonna be on the field it follows that we're almost certainly gonna see a lot more seeker missles in the lists.

I can see Pathfinders teamed up with two full drone squads pinning vital units for multiple turns untill the unit is anhialated. Think what that will do to marine assault squads or groups of Necron Destroyers.

I can also see FW's mounted in DF with 6 Pulse rife/6 Carbine mix, the sole intent of this unit to stop and pin any aproaching CC unit with the help of the pathfinders. Or perhapse two squads of FW's working in tandem each with a leader with HW Target lock and Markerlight, with the leaders markerlighting each others squads targets so suddenly you've got two squads of BS 4 FW's.......

I can see full squads of Helios or Fireknife or Deathrain crisis suits becoming more common due to having their BS boosted to 5, allowing them to totally anhinalate whole squads of enemy troops, no matter what their armor save. The same with Stealths, 18 St5 Ap5 shots at BS 5? Truly, the crys of CHEESE will be heard for miles around.


Winged units capable of 12" movement and carrying St5 ap3 weponry? It makes my head spin to imagen what a full squad of these guys will do to an assault squad or a tac squad or those damn Necron warriors.

The list goes on and on, snipers with rail rifles, Commanders with rending list is gonna survive this update intact. Well, I've said enough, I wanna hear what you think. Given what we now know, what new combinations do you think are gonna apear in Tau lists. Is what I've mentioned totally bunk? Lets hear your pie in the sky ideas for these new rules. Throw in your two cents, these changes are only a couple of months away, its time to stop talking about what were gonna get and time to start talking about what we're gonna do with it.
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I completely agree it is time to look at what will become of our outstanding army list with all of the new improvements; it is kind of hard to imagine how we will fit all of this in a 1500pt army. With all of the improvements pathfinders will be a major consideration in a tau list, in fact they will probably be the next staple in a tau army compared to the rail head. I will defiantly be putting them in my list, but room is the issue. Heavy sections are going to be taking the biggest revamp due to the pathfinders and the ton of new heavy units, skyray, manta, etc... I don’t know how to even begin to change the list up since I don’t have the stats and pt cost. But it is going to be awesome; so in all in all Undead Bonzi is perfectly correct when it comes to saying our current list will barely be intact when the codex comes rolling out. Our list is going to be a bloody massacre with points, we all love the way are armies are built but it is going to have to change, and hay maybe we can even take on crons with much less hassle now. Who knows, only march 1st will tell. LOL
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HMMMMMMMM... Could this be the new beard???
this is awesome, for me the only way for me to be able to tell what works and what does not is to immidiatly do a huge 4000pt battle or so with LOTS of proxying, preferable with a group of ppl that I know... BUt I can Hardly wait.
Cant add much to the undeads post above, but one thing I can see is the FW being pushed out of hybrid lists by the Kroot, 140pts for a normal squad with 3 Krootox (if permissable) per team and some Hounds, jeeez loiuse thats a hell of a troop choice for 300 points 3 STR7 shots per turn with 20 STR4 shots and rapid fire wow thats gonna hurt anything stupid enough to come close.
The tau are actually going to have a troop choice with a viable heavy weapon option but the good thing is its not heavy its rapid fire so it can move and shoot when needed and all this without losing a Heavy support choice cool.
2 Troops choices will give you 40 Kroot and 6 Kroot ox, use 2 units of FW in DF for fast mobile support witt carbines and pathfinders and you will have a massively hard hitting firebase. and to top it of you will also have asome CC ability. nice
I cant wait for the codex tau are gonna kick
More than they already do!:w00t: IMO they're already DAMN good. It's just a couple of the current units need fixing, so we don't have to rely on the few VERY GOOD units available all the time. And new ones will be welcome but they will have to be really good to replace things such as hammerheads in competitive lists.

Phase Out....
I would agree that the units are goning to have to be really good to replace the current favorites but I really think this expansion is going to allow for a greater variety of Tau lists. Right now there's a base cookie cutter list for both the mech and the static sides, but with the advent of these new changes I think we're gonna see that change quite a bit.
If we are getting BS 5, then i will fall over dead with happyness! but i do not think we will get it. just immagine 12 FW rapid firing a unit of genestealers hitting on a 2+... mass slaughter
The units specifically won't be getting BS 5, they will still have their reg BS in the new codex, I'm simply remarking on the fact that with new markerlight rules, using markerlights you could indeed bump up a units BS up to 5, which as you said, will be very scary indeed.
BS 5 will be a crisis/stealth/broadside suit upgrade that hopefully doesn't take up a hardpoint.
I don't see the kroot changing that much for me because they will lose the infiltrate ability when oxen are attached. Maybe they will change that, I hope they do.
The upgrade is called the targeting array. It will take up a harpoint and it will only raise the BS of the unit by 1. It will bring non HQ suits to BS4.

Phase Out....
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