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I completely agree it is time to look at what will become of our outstanding army list with all of the new improvements; it is kind of hard to imagine how we will fit all of this in a 1500pt army. With all of the improvements pathfinders will be a major consideration in a tau list, in fact they will probably be the next staple in a tau army compared to the rail head. I will defiantly be putting them in my list, but room is the issue. Heavy sections are going to be taking the biggest revamp due to the pathfinders and the ton of new heavy units, skyray, manta, etc... I don’t know how to even begin to change the list up since I don’t have the stats and pt cost. But it is going to be awesome; so in all in all Undead Bonzi is perfectly correct when it comes to saying our current list will barely be intact when the codex comes rolling out. Our list is going to be a bloody massacre with points, we all love the way are armies are built but it is going to have to change, and hay maybe we can even take on crons with much less hassle now. Who knows, only march 1st will tell. LOL
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