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New XV25 Stealthsuits

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OMG, they have horribly mangled the coolness of the Tau stealthsuits. They should be ashamed of releasing these new suits as they are the most horrible thing I have ever seen!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What do you think of 'em? LINK BELOW!

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me thinks your a bit late, a lot of threds have already been posted about this stuff
If not for these weird head-torsos, they would have looked decently... which doesn't mean I don't prefer the old version.
MY only excuse... they needed to be modeled as a higher save on their stats o_O nothing much reasoning i can say.. why their heads are big.
Doomthought, no there hasnt, these pictures were just released today. They look almost as big as crisis suits now which i think is horrible. they should have revamped the old ones....
Those pictures may have just been released, but there have beren other pics, and other threads for this.

They are not the size of a stealth suit, then are on small bases, I think there more comparable to a SM than a Crisis Suit.

Also, what is the number of the current suit? if it's different from XV25, they could be anougher option rather than a model revision. (NOT A FACT)

on a more pleasant note, plastic bits mean more conversion potential!! ;-)
Besides, the stealth suits look beefier - could prove fun for auxilary increased armor, the sniper drones mean more weapons mods. This could be fun! Now that GW is releasing the Skyray and Pirahna, hopefully the prices wont be as bad as FW's resin models! Think positive!
I dont like these new suits, they dont look very stealthy. The current ones in a plastic version would be great.
When I first saw them in the Tau Empire picture, I thought they were upgraded stealth suits. If they're a new model, thats great, but if they're supposed to replace the old one...(N)
What if these "new" suits have a better save OR have better cloaking OR 2 wounds OR better guns OR have t6 OR have Strength 8 OR have WS 8 OR have 5 CC attacks?

Jking about the lattter ones.:shifty:
These new models are XV-25 Stealthsuits. The older models are XV-15 Stealthsuits. So it's either another choice, or they are upgrading. Hopefully it'll be an alternate Stealth choice.
I'm thinking their they're assualt versions of the stealthsuits, coming out to help them in cityfight. I hope they have better armour, not better guns... stealthsuit pulse cannons are strong enough.:x
Those Pics have been floating around on these forums before. They were simply not legal to release yet.

Also as mentioned before the new stealth suits have a T upgrade, so they will be on par with normal suits now and thus the bigger model.
That makes sense. I always wondered why the stealthsuits were so tough, their current size doesn't really represent a toughness 4.

Or are you saying those montrosities have t5?:ph34r:
That's an odd question, considering current stealth stuits are toughness 3. That is why they are making them look beefier and giveing them a toughness upgrade, as it is they die entirely too easliy.
I like the improved stats and even though I collecting SM I am probably gonna get some more tau as they were my original army. I would just try to get the gun bits for the new commander as I already have an old commander/crisis suit. I still hate them. One thing I don't get............ it does not matter what kind of technology you have, a 15 ft metal construct running towards you isn't gonna be very stealthy (thump....thump...thump... BLAM!!!!)
No wonder... My friend has been playing them as T4. Not that it made a difference when they got charged by a 10 man assualt squad. Filthy aliens.

Something that big can be very stealthy. The F-117 Stealth bomber isn't all that small and it manages to show up as the size of a small bird on radar. Also, consider the fact that Stealthsuits move with the help of cloaking technology and a stealth jet pack to keep it quiet, giving it a presence like the wind.
I like em, they look perfect for caarying such heavy weapons as for beeing stealthy, they rely on technology just like a predator, not on their skills or size.

I love them. I'm operating from a different perspective, however. I'm not a Tau player lamenting the loss of the elegant XV-15. I'm not a Marine player staring down a new, rather tough-looking option. Noooo. I play the abominations who only see wonderful new parts for their Tactical Dreadnought armor. Mmm...Think of the conversions...

I think Orison squad is going to be built very soon after these come out.
Thats exactly what my first thought was when I first saaw them neosonichdghg. ;D
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