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Newb needs Advice

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I just started playing 40k and I really enjoy the game. I am interested in creating a Necron army for a 1500 pt game; my theme is quantity. I want to have as many figures as possible on the board without sacrificing the Necron’s effectiveness. Since I am new, it is just for fun, though I‘d still like to win. I know the Necrons are pricy, but I am still looking for a way to shock my opponent with volume.

Any army ideas?
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well you could go for an army comprised of all warriors since they can take care of tanks but you will have a short range. I think, in terms of just volume, you should go with maybe two sqauds of immortals and then a lord with a res orb and as many warrioirs as you can get.
Quick question off of that. What sized unit do you feels works best with Warriors? Should I max out the unit limit, or have more units with less figures in each?
I think warrior squads are best in squads of 10, taking mulitiple squads gives you loads of versatility and it helps you keep everyone within the 6" WBB range.
maybe you should field three warrior squads 2 tomb spiders and one pariah squad with a hq lord
If your going for volume, consider scarab swarms. They are very cheap and bring plenty of wounds with them. As they move as jetbikes they can easilly be brought up the board to engage units youd rather not have to face at the mopment. A 120 point scarab squad can tie up twice as many points easilly for nearly the entire game.

Personally, if going volume Id go with 3 scarab swarms of 10 models each and 6 squads of 10 warriors each aided by a VoD'ing lord + immortal squad.

However, I wouldnt recommend this as Destroyers are pretty much a must have in any list.
Wow, there's some great advice here - thanks. I can see everyone seems to be in agreement about lots of warriors; they seem like the meat-and-potatoes of a good Necron army. Scrabs, with there low point cost, seem to fit my bill very well also.

Now for the Lord, there are a lot of options. I hear the VoD and the orb are the most effective. Keeping in mind that I am trying to save every penny for more figures, what can the Lord live without? Chaosbrynn, suggested just the Vod, seems like a good idea.
I suggest 3 solid blocks of 20 necrons 60 * 18 = 1080pts plus 2 tomb spyders imbetween the middle formation and the outer ones Warriors Spyder Warriors Spyder Warriors A lord with res orb and the viel plus some immortals
First off, Necrons usually aren't the best army to make a "hoarde" with but if you really want to play Necrons, then go for it!

For hoards, like mentioned, get lots of scarabs and Necron Warriors of squads of 10.

For your Necron Lord, I'd go with VoD and Ressurection Orb. This is the most common and effective combination IMHO. You don't really have to model VoD. Just make sure he has a cloak or something that could represent it. Usually I just say the cloak on him is the VoD. For the Ressurectionn Orb, you could just model some sort of ball or something into his hand or something like that. Anyway,

:yes: just hit it with a immortal squad as a elite choice get some destroyers for mobility and just fill 2 troop slots of warriors- monolith for heavy destroyers for the big slot
Legions are quite effective against most all-round armies- they start to be a bit basic against specialised armies.

No matter what GW says (Feb WD), the Lord actually costs 140 points and comes with a res orb as standard. And 'Warscythes, Warscythes, Warscythes' is possibly the worst advice I have ever heard, possibly after 'Why don't you smear your genitalia with fish paste and dangle them in a tank of hungry piranahs'.
Excuse me for being Newbish, but am I correct in thinkning that a "Legion" is an HQ with all troops?
Fire the Laser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:w00t:
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