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Destroyers, a squad of 4 is a nice size, they are a really good unit.

A monolith is a must a one point, but when starting out leave it, only use it in armies of 1000 points or more.

I like to have 3 squads of warriors as a nice core to my army, 2 squads are fine, i just prefer 3.

As you are starting a foot lord might be better.

A tombspyder is a good addition because of its abilities.

Hope this helps.

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At this stage, a battleforce is perfect.

You get your 4 destroyers (how many I have in a 2000pt list), another 20 warriors (giving you 44- just under what you can fit into a 1000pt legion), and 5 scarabs (giving you 11, and more than enough for a full unit).

Other than that, a foot lord would be a good idea- convert the Warscythe you get with it into a SoL.

Alternatively, if you havn't built your DLord yet, then you can use the DLord's SoL arms on the foot Lord to give him a dynamic pose and a SoL, then have the DLord either as a warscythe wielder (a Dlord with a 'scythe is a lot more useful than a foot lord with one or just as a normal destroyer- you get all of the parts).

I would recommend the latter- I really don't like warscythes, no matter what Feb's WD says.

That would give you, with the BF and Lord:

1 Lord
44 Warriors
5 destroyers
11 scarabs

That's well over 1000pts.

Get a monolith then, and you've got your 1500 list- and a very strong one.

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Not sure I agree with that.

In tactics terms, you don't want to have a DLord running round with your destroyers.

Although it seems tempting so that they can get resorbed, and some CC support, but considering that it is only a unit of 5 max, and that you will be wanting to keep them the full 36" away from any enemies anyway, that is 170pts of Lord you've wasted.

I'm not a fan of DLords really: I think they could be put to use as a lightning field carrier with scarabs, or a bit of extra support with Wraiths, but other than that the ol' footslogger is better for me.

As i said, battleforce and lord. Check out eBay for the Battleforces- I got mine with £10 off.
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