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nid hunter from a noob

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Hey this is my nid hunter, I painted him when I was 13:p... Will finish him soon. Should have pics of my khorne soon.
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Great Job. The detail is great, and the eyes and head are excellent. Man, if you did that at 13, thats quite impressive. I'm nearly twice that age and still can't get my eyes to look real :tongue:.
I can't say that he is ugly. You got all the basic of painting like highlightning and blacklining and I think this model looks great when not so zoomed in.
To say at least, a very good table-top mini.
I'm looking forward to see your Khorne considering this one looks so good.
The face detail is amazing, wish I could do that. There are just a few shakey lines here and there that might need a touch up, but apart from that, its great.:yes:
Good job!
I agree with every one else that its a nice paintjob considering age and a great tabletop mini. For future reference bullet holes, can be made more realistic by heating a pin in a gas flame and touching it to the mini to make bullet hole if its a plastic mini.If your doing metal , use a smallish drill bit to drill some shallow holes in the armour before painting.Then use bolgun metal or other suitable colour to paint the hole, and then make a scorched effect on the rim of the hole with some black like on the mini you have done here.
I still cant emphasise enough how well painted the guy is compared to age,most kids where i live that age couldnt paint to save their lives.

Wow thanks for all the replies. Im going to get around to fixing up the details there a bit scrappy...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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