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nid questions

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my friend and I were talking trash about each others armies for the large abttle that is saturday. And I saw wondering if he really could get enough extended caraspace to get a fex a T of 14+. I was also wondering what the limit for additions for the carnifex was, like how many upgrades can it take. To me, a T of 14+ does not seem likely since the highest S i ahve ever seen is 10. (this person has been known to make stuff up like rules, look here for example ---> there are about 3 more threads like that...)
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Unless specifically stated you can never take the same upgrade twice. Furthermore no stat my EVER go higher than 10(unless its an armor value...which is for vehicles only). So even if he could take the T upgrade more than once(which he can't) he could still only get to T 10(which, again, he can't...just T7).
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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