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Battle Report fought on 11/11/03

Tyranid Army (him):

Two tooled up hive tyrants with wings.

Two broods of 5 warriors equiped for close combat.

Three large broods of genestealers

Two carnifex’ equpped for close combat.

(This doesn’t seem enough, I may have forgotten something)

Word Bearers Chaos Marines (me)

Chaos Lt with Mark Undivided, Personal Icon, CCW and Pistol.

9 Terminator Retinue with Marks Undivided, 2 Reaper Cannons, 9 Powerfists.

6 Chosen with Marks Undivided and two Heavy Bolters

5 Chaos Marines with Marks Undivided, Lascannon, Plasmagun.

5 Chaos Marines with Marks Undivided, Lascannon, Plasmagun.

5 Chaos Marines with Marks Undivided, Lascannon, Plasmagun.

5 Chaos Marines with Marks Undivided, Lascannon, Plasmagun.

5 Chaos Marines with Marks Undivided, Heavy Bolter, Flamer.

5 Chaos Marines with Marks Undivided, Heavy Bolter, Flamer.

15 Plaguebearer Daemons of Nurgle.

6 Daemonettes of Slaanesh.

Defiler with indirect fire, lascannon and havoc launcher.

Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon

5 Havocs with 4 Missile Launchers.

The mission had a strategic objective. There were six markers scattered around the table, any of which could be the strategic objective when turned over. The side controlling this by having the closest squad over 50% at the end gets 2 points.

The Nid’s had a mission objective to reduce all enemy troops to 50% worth 1 point.

The Word Bearers had a mssion objective to keep their HQ alive worth 1 point.

The side that scored most points would win.

The terrain was sparse, a farm complex, a deep river up the middile of the 6 by 4 table crossed by two bridges, a ruined structure, a large crop field, some detritus and a few hills.

Chaos deployed all units except the two daemon packs in reserve. The Nids deployed a hive tyrant, three genestealer mobs and a carnifex the rest was in reserve.

The Nids got first go, pushing the carnifex and a brood of genestealers down the left of the table to a fence in the farm complex, a further Genestealer brood down the centre of the table to cover in some detritus, and the tyrant and the other brood down the right of the table hidden behind the ruined structure.

Chaos had a go and unleashed a storm of fire resulting in the demise ofmost of the central genestealers, but they held. The Dreadnought held it’s fire (I forgot it!)

The nids then brought the other tyrant on in the cover of the farm complex, the carnifex and accompanying genestealers cleared the fence and moved towards an isolated lascannon squad, the other genestealers moved forward and the original hive tyrant moved up and assaulted and destroyed the Dread, sweeping on into a heavy bolter squad.

Chaos then had another go. Vengeance for the loss of the dread followed swiftly as almost every member of the company turned his weapon on the tyrant, while the Terminators moved up to assault in and assist the Heavy Bolter Squad. They were not required, however as the isolated tyrant succombed to the massed fire.

The lonely lascannon squad was assaulted and destroyed by the genestealers on the left, who were in turn destroyed by the defiler when they advanced into view from behind a hill

The remaining tyrant then sneaked around the side of the farm to discover that the strategic objective was about 5” from the farm in a clearish central area swept by the fire of at least five chaos squads and the defiler.

Five chaos squads and the defiler opened up, inflicting 2 wounds on the tyrant, who hastily hid behind the farm again. But Chaos was a long way from the objective and the Chosen were sent yomping up the table. The missile havocs launched a desperate charge at the carnifex who was moving to cut off the chosen.

At this point the random length game ended. A measurement was required to see who was closest to the objective: Hive Tyrant 8”, Chosen 7”. This made it a 3-0 win for chaos, but this is the closest game we have yet played between chaos and nids.
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