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One Two Three

Wake Two Three

Wake Fight Three

Wake Fight Die

What are we fighting for,

All this sensless blood and gore,

I find my armor stained red,

By my hand the enemy dead,

One Two Three

Click Two Three

Click Bang Three

Click Bang Dead

All the lives we take so careless,

Again, again i cant bear this,

This time its easy to kill,

Kill and kill, retain our fill,

One Two Three

Birth Two Three

Birth Death Three

Birth Death Life

The end as well as begining of our life,

Is not decided by sword or knife,

But to gods satifaction

By our actions,

One Two Three

Bang Two Three

Bang Pain Three

Bang Pain Death

My life flashes before my eyes,

Amis the many battle cries,

I grip my trusty sword tight,

This is the end of my everlasting fight,

They will bury me in the ground,

Only to forget the Savior they found.

Riptor Amashi
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Not open for further replies.