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Noahs Guard 2K - Fun AND Competetive?

So this is more a fun list than anything else, but It's still all vehicle, and has a fair bit of boom power, so I'd like to know what you guys think. Both of how fun it could be to play, and of how competetive it is.

The concept of the army was originaly 'two of every vehicle', and I did the best I could (I need 3 chimeras to hold all the infantry). I don't currently have all the models, but am pondering buying them. (Specifically I'm missing the hellhounds and Hydras)

Company Command Squad(130 pts):
Company Commander, 4 Veterans(Autocannon, 2 Sniper Rifles), Master of Ordnance(Artillery Bombardment, Laspistol), Officer of the Fleet(Intercept Reserves) *Chimera*
Primaris Psyker(70 Pts): Laspistol, Force Weapon, Refractor Field, Lightning Arc, Nightshroud
Vet Squad: 1 Sergeant, 9 Vets(3 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher) - 100 pts
Infantry Platoon(150 Pts):
Command Squad: 1 Commander, 4 Guardsmen(4 Grenade Launchers) - 50 pts
Infantry Squad: 1 Sergeant, 9 Guardsmen - 50 pts
Infantry Squad: 1 Sergeant, 9 Guardsmen - 50 pts
Fast Attack:
Vendetta Squadron: 2 Vendetta (3 Twin-linked Lascannons) - 260 pts
Sentinel Squadron: 2 Armoured Sentinels (Multilaser) - 110 pts
Hellhound Squadron: 2 Hellhounds (Inferno Cannon, Heavy Flamer) - 260 pts
Leman Russ Squad: 2 Leman Russ (Battle Cannon, Hull-mounted Heavy Bolter, 2 Sponson Heavy Bolters) - 340 pts
Artillery Battery: 2 Basilisks (Earthshaker Cannon, Heavy Bolter) - 250 pts
Hydra Squadron: 2 Hydra Flak Tanks (Hydra Autocannon, Heavy Bolter) - 150 pts
Dedicated Transports:
3X Chimeras: 5 Fire Points(Hatch), Turret Multilaser, Hull Heavy Bolter, Pintle Heavy Stubber - 165 pts
Total Cost: 1985

The two guard squads get stuck in the vendettas to be safe and mobile scoring units, the PCS and Vets each get a Chimera to be Bunker, and I stick the CCS and Primaris Psyker in the third as a roving fire point that oozes STR 6 attacks. The army is half gunline, half mobile.

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Its a fun concept but not all that useful really in my opinion. A few thoughts
1- The naked guard squads will do nothing, give them a heavy weapon and/or a special
2- I don't like vehicle squadrons except in certain circumstances. The vendettas (or valks for that matter) shouldn't be squaded together, you want them free to zap two tanks per turn. Same with the hellhounds so you can spread the flamey death around 2 squads. Leman Russes become less survivable in squads too. I don't mind the hydras though as two hydras will splat most things you point them at.
3 - Basilisks are the devil. Full stop. No one should take them unless they are doing a fluffy artillery army or through a master of the ordinance as they are massive long range cannons for bombarding things from afar not close infantry support or siege weapons. Griffons are much more acceptable in my opinion and cheaper by about a 1/3 to boot.
4 - I find heavy flamers are better hull weapons, as you want to keep moving pretty much all the time to avoid combat auto-hits, so you won't get to fire the HBs.
5 - I've never used a primaris so have no idea what he does, but seems a little expensive for one guy if you ask me.
6 - Sniper rifles are a bit hit or miss for me, cool in rl and fluff but not so groovy on the table. Can be good if you're up against nids a lot for MC popping.

Hope some of that helps

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3 - Basilisks are the devil.
That actually made me laugh. It's true tho. Unless you're doing a huge Apoc game where Range doesn't matter then avoid them. If you've got the models you can always just ask your opponents if you can use them as 'counts as' for other Arty peices. You can always cut the barrels down and use them as Medusas/Colossi/Griffons. Obviously sav the Barrels as you can 'pin' or fix the barrels back on somehow for other games.

Sniper rifles are bum and you should avoid taking them in anything but fluff driven lists. The same could be said about the MoO.


Naked Infantry = Worthless. Finding points for some Autocannons wouldn't be hard. You could even just split some of the G-Launchers off the PCS into the line units.

Vet Squad, Again same advice with S-Rifles. G-Launchers match up with the M-Launcher better. Both have Blast for hoards and both have an alright strenth for light vehicle killing.

Ditch the Sentinels. All they add to the list is making the Vendettas squadron up. Which is a bad thing.

Russ: Fine for Infantry killing but everything in your list is geared up for Infantry killing. How about grabbing Demolishers instead. Str10 will help you no end against AV14 and one thing your list lascks is the ability to deal with 2+ Saves.

Basilisks: Already said about these boys. I'd ditch them to unsquadron the Demolishers/Russ.

Hydras: Brillitant.
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